The new Archers

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Solari, Jul 27, 2007.

What do you think of archers?

  1. Awesome

    28 vote(s)
  2. Good

    35 vote(s)
  3. Bad

    12 vote(s)
  4. Completely bullsh*t

    95 vote(s)
  1. Solari

    Solari Can't get enough of FH

    What do you think postpatch?
  2. Septima

    Septima Fledgling Freddie

    Dusting off your ranger sol? ^^
  3. Solari

    Solari Can't get enough of FH

    No I think they are quite horrible now...
  4. aika

    aika Can't get enough of FH

    with mos5 you finally have a good chance of wiping the floor with assasins, while being bow spec.
  5. Enli

    Enli Fledgling Freddie

    too lame
    try hybrid temp on a shar with 50 bow lolz
  6. Thadius

    Thadius Part of the furniture

    The archer patch just brought all the dusty old rr7-8 archers that got rpleveled just before NF hit.

    Nothing changes in daoc, it just goes in cycles ;)
  7. guid0

    guid0 Fledgling Freddie

    i think its great, archers have for a long time been a class which unless completely negated their main speccline were fodder for most other ppl. this ofcourse unless they grouped up in big bunches. Now though they pack a nice punch and ive seen some really cool tactics (everything from mocing arrows, to the standard slam and spamm). Hopefully the playerbase will adapt soon and try to move away from the gangbang behaviour and we will have some great fun.
  8. swords

    swords Can't get enough of FH

    Archers, the new cockroach...
  9. aika

    aika Can't get enough of FH

    what do you mean? :)
    I played my friend's rr7 scout a bit, that has a very average template, and mos5.. dont think I lost to an assasin 1v1 yet. you just see them from miles with mos5, enough to crit shot and 2-3 pb shots, when they come to you at like 20%, you still have slam,fz,purge,phaseshift,ip,rr5,WH etc.. :)
  10. Netcode

    Netcode Can't get enough of FH

    But some ppl dont move away from nged main keep and just try to leech on something, :>
  11. Infanity

    Infanity Can't get enough of FH

    Utter shit


    Thats just to name a few of the useless ***** stealth zerging atm.

    Theres about another 20 on that list.

    Rangers seem to be the worst for doing it aswell, Kinda weird ;o
  12. kivik

    kivik Part of the furniture

    Just got limited experience with them, but think it sucks you can't see the arrow :mad:

    Other than that I think it's good that bow got some love, just don't need every archer to team up and zerg/add everything :mad:
  13. ileks

    ileks Part of the furniture

    Every single ranger i have seen is a leeching git so far. You would think now the class is more competitive more would want solo fights...
  14. Lethul

    Lethul FH is my second home

    I think its nice that the only way to be a competative archer is to ignore archery. I however dont like that almost every single ranger(all archers but mostly rangers) moves in packs of 3-4 :p Seems like there is more solo scouts out then before i "retired" last time.
  15. Everz

    Everz FH is my second home

    love it on mordred.. usually in groups of 6-7 filled with 1 mincer and then all scouts/hunter/rangers ready to wtfpwn you.. bring on mez poisons and rod so i can pop the bastards before they know what hit em
  16. Minidk

    Minidk Loyal Freddie

    PUDDING LESS ADD YOU NAAB :D remeber i still love you!!:wij::worthy:
  17. MegaMaejter

    MegaMaejter Banned

    Well rangers are kinda bad in melee now and they are the worst acrher archery wise ( due to their basic class design, no shield+slam and no pet) so they zerg to compete.

    What they should do is suck it up, reroll and get on with it. The class will not be fixed in a near future and for them to think they will find any enjoyment out of the class while zerging 5vs1 is just stupid. Even an idio+ will find that boring in the end, specially on dyvet.

    Thats the harsh truth for you.
  18. Eladamri

    Eladamri Fledgling Freddie

    seriously what do u exspect, ur huggign bridge all the time, u may be no grouped but atm ur running near many alb stealthers and bufferes group adding on fights ....

    move irvr from nged bridge and u can go back to ur "soloing" we would all be happier about that
  19. MegaMaejter

    MegaMaejter Banned

    Stop trolling the forums mater, I need my duo BG bot :,<
  20. aika

    aika Can't get enough of FH

    That list is much longer than that :) some nightshades have realised they are beyond hope solo and sided with the rangers! (hi nitez)
  21. Infanity

    Infanity Can't get enough of FH

    correct ;p
  22. Infanity

    Infanity Can't get enough of FH

    Idiot ;D

    I wont pop a good guy infront of bufferers group, if i see a idiot like you i will.

    I also know most of the stealthers on bridge and we share the same respects of not adding and so on so pull the other one sir:(
  23. Septina

    Septina Resident Freddy

    This new archer change is beyond retarded and hopefully Mythic will realise this and nerf it soon. :)
    Been out a bit on my SB today, not found a single soloer, almost every NS/INF out there is grouped with an archer m8(s) and just mindlessly zerg everything down.

    randomuselessranger125 hits you for 600 x4, you die.
    randomnewbpoppingshade213 rolls on the floor laughing at you.
    You Release.


    What i dont understand is why the archers feels the need to group up now when they can easily drop most shit before they even reach them. ^^
    Oh well, gonna borrow an rl m8s rr7 mos5 scout and repay the favour over and over again. :)
  24. Enli

    Enli Fledgling Freddie

    1) u are in hibernia
    2) it's insta-rvr
    3) u're not moving from the bridge itself
    4) it was announced with such a patch
    5) why are u complaining, most of these rangers should be easy for u, including myself

    solution, go buy cleenex or leave teh bridge
  25. Everz

    Everz FH is my second home

    teh acc is back tommorow.. m8r.. prepare my scrolls :D
  26. Eladamri

    Eladamri Fledgling Freddie

    idiot? u cry about getting added on? yet u go to the ONLY hotspot "the bridge"....
  27. Messiah

    Messiah Fledgling Freddie

    So i can't duo with my bro can i? he 49 and a rog monster and anyone can 2 hit him, but that sb and hunter duo are allowed ok brains.
  28. Tuppe

    Tuppe Fledgling Freddie

    agree, try littlebit solo run around and only what meet is these scouts and rangers 4+ groups.
  29. Septina

    Septina Resident Freddy

    If it's Pudding it just goes to show how much Mythic actually test things, level 49 ranger hitting a lvl 50 sb for 700dmg a shot with bow....... ok. :D
  30. Septima

    Septima Fledgling Freddie

    So many soloers on this thread and you guys are only able to find the 4 scouts/rangers grouped?! Odd :p

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