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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by keludm, May 27, 2003.

  1. Argh... this... really... gets me.. upset.

    Where is teh proof(tm) that the VS equipment is the worst?
    Where? Are there any statistics (apart from the pseudo damage table Silver posted:p) that prove VS weaponry is sucky-sucky?

    Enlighten me.
  2. Will

    Will Guest

    Having played VS and NC, I can say that VS guns rock. The beamer has a tiny amount of recoil, so at medium range, it owns. And the Lancer is an amazing AV weapon. The NC AV has a slower rate of fire, and TR gives a huge heads up to any targets with its "warning, missile lock" nonsense.

    And defending a base is hard going when the AI MAX just leap up onto the walls and starts killing all the infantry.
  3. One-shooting a MAX with a Phoenix is possible.

    TR MAX dodge left and right... you can hear the desperate huffing and puffing of the owner while he stares at the business end of Charlene *waves at Spinky*.

    VS MAX are way more agile due to their jump jets.
    And manage to jump out of harms way most of the time for some reason.. :(

    Though I shot one out of a tree yesterday. :D
  4. SilverHood

    SilverHood Guest

    only gripe with vs weapons is the pulsar

    you get more punch from the suppressor

    fix the pulsar so it's closer to cycler/gauss and VS will be fine

    having to loot NC/TR guns aint fun :/
  5. I love to shooting myself a TR grunt... loot Cycler.. /t "Thanks for the gun, friend." ;)
  6. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    The only time I bother looting stuff is for Venom - I'm usually driving a vehicle or infil (and I don't generally kill ppl when infil, except playing with nades a bit, and that's usually me I kill).

    So it goes like this: Come across enemy backpack, open, yell to venom "what was it you were looking for again" he yells back the names of various types of guns, jackhammer, cycler, gauss, phoenix whatever, I go OK what do they look like, he ends up getting up and coming and looking at what they've got and then saying "no, that's a suppressor."
  7. BrassMonkey

    BrassMonkey Guest

    Bwahahahaha...btw i got a few pistols for you in my locker Venom.

    Oh and VS weapons are quite good apart from the pulsar laZ0r blasty gun things.

    Had great fun with the lasher today against TR, wiped quite a few out.
  8. I played all three empires to BR6+ (my true calling came from VS though of course) and I dont think they do worse damage, only they sound a lot less powerful. Which may seem like a crazy idea but I did feel like I was doing more damage with a big loud gun that with some stupid pulsar thing.
  9. [PS]Fool

    [PS]Fool Guest

    Hmm, i would say that VS weps are generaly ok..

    BUT, pulsar is the suck. I even have proof! sort of..

    I found some TR dude wit cycler, dont know wht his hp's/armour was at (i was at full - go go adv regen + engi), and i ran right up behind him and started shootin with my pulsar. Anyway, 'coz i was so close, i doubt many of my shots missed, but he just turned around and owned me. No one else was shootin me, i know that for a fact (well i dont realy, but i am fairly sure 'coz this has happend more than once)

    I think that my Lancer skills make up for the pulsar tbh :eek:
  10. Scarloc

    Scarloc Guest

    Was fun though :) think we took maybe... one out ;) And gunning Magriders is great, since I can blame any deaths on the driver <Looks at Angel>

    The only really annoying thing Mag drivers do is get up real close to an enemy, since the turret doesnt have a good enough elevation to actually shoot anything within 5 feet of it :/
  11. Magrider gun has nice splash damage, though... *sighs*
  12. Scarloc

    Scarloc Guest

    Aye, looks damn nice too, plus I can actually hit Reavers/Mossies with it most of the time, which surprised a couple of pilots :)

    Of course, they have to be standing still, not shooting me, and right next to me.. but thats besides the point, right?
  13. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    Yeah, I have to say it shocks the hell out of pilots when I'm gunning in a MAG and I lead them perfectly - when they're running away and blow them up. Most of the time I win unless I'm against an intelligent pilot that realises they gotta do strafing runs on me :D

    Used to do it with decimators, too.

    Can't hit shit at close range but I have good timing on ranged targets.

    Mag splash damage is nowhere near as good as the 1hit boomstick on a Vanguard :D It's not shabby though.
  14. Scarloc

    Scarloc Guest

    Mag gun has the coolest effects though, looks like firing a shell into water, and the splash damage actually looks like a "splash".

    Plus leading with that is easy once you've tried quake 2 railgun arena on 56k :eek:
  15. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Yeah I know, Venom always yells at me for that too.

    It's because I can do serious damage if I ram a grunt at least at full speed but backing off isn't as fast.

    Also, in my defence on that base run, I'm used to doing base runs at full speed with Venom, was just unlucky that round the corner was all those vehicles ;)
  16. Scarloc

    Scarloc Guest

    Yeah that was, in hindsight, very bad luck :)
  17. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    I'm good at that.

    I'm kind of a bad-luck-magnet :p

    Either that, or people make a point of finding out where I am and attacking me with all the force the entire Terran Republic or New Conglomerate High Command can muster :p

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