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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by keludm, May 27, 2003.

  1. Hehe... just wait. I will end up being a Terran. :p
  2. Jupitus

    Jupitus Guest

    But Shaeffer... you've seen my driving, and you know we'll still be able to kill him!! Heck - I'm starting to like the sound of the grief point warning alarm now .... ;)
  3. old.Tyraette

    old.Tyraette Guest

    a scarily cunning plan ;) baldrick would be proud
  4. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest


    Vanu are the underdogs at the moment. Our top players are way behind NC/TR, as are our outfits, we get shafted every day by superior numbers - or so it seems.

    Look at the daily records. Rarely do vanu have more than about 20% averagde of th continent.

    I would make a comment about going back on words but I won't ;)
  5. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    And bear in mind, it's only because a lot of people on here are talking about going VS that you think a lot of people are. We are the realm that is lowest population on I think all but one of the servers (at least we were earlier).
  6. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    That's primarily because our weapons are pretty crap. Give decent equipment. We are supposed to be the most advanced of the empires.
  7. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Yeah givf uber stuff! :p

    Then we'd be the twink empire and everyone would flock to us, so we'd have to change empires...

    On second thoughts, we do just fine :)
  8. How many people in SG? I tend to get quite irritable when I am surrounded by lots of people. :)
  9. Ooo...looks like some of my old 'chums' from DAoC are in the Outfit as well.
  10. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    We normally field at least 4-6 people online at all times, with up to 20 on at primetimes.

    You won't be completely surrounded by people, especially not if you're playing a sniper. There's no rules in our outfit about squadding up either so you can solo if you want :)
  12. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    How's it going?

  13. Saturnine

    Saturnine Guest

    Some of you may know me on these boards if you also play DAoC. For those of you that do, I'm in Sov.Guard (VS) and my char is called Aurin. So <wave> to you all :p
  14. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Hi Aurin!

    Hope you're enjoying it!
  15. So are there actually any rules at all for joining SG? It just seems to be all ex-DAoC players are welcome. Are there genuinely no morons (we wont count sissy)?
  16. old.Dillinja

    old.Dillinja Guest

    Well you're joining aren't you?
  17. Tenko

    Tenko Guest

    More than playing DAoC most peeps are BW whores, so does that make us all morons? :p
  18. Hmm, I was going to go NC but I dont know of any DAoC squads there. Then I read that NC and TR seem to have more people than VS, Id prefer to play the underdogs. So you havent had any problems with anyone in the outfit, and how helpful are you to complete noobs who spent the past 9 months presseing F8, stick F6 ?
  19. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest

    No requirements at all, but complete and utter morons will try my patience and get booted eventually. :p
  20. old.Dillinja

    old.Dillinja Guest

    I would've joined but I'm TR scum.
  21. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Blithering! You going to join us?!

    I hope so :)

    When were you getting it again, today?
  22. I was getting it thursday but the good people of are idiots.
  23. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Awwwwwww nooooo so when you getting it? No chance of just nipping out to the shops and buying it then?
  24. What the hell? Out? No chance.

    It will arrive eventually, I hoping for it to arrive today. The thing is its apprantly got so far in the dispatching process that I can no longer cancel the order, I just have to sit here and wait for it to arrive.

    The good news is as I'm semi-quitting DAoC I figured I had better get a lvl50 so I lvled little 'Xip Ping' from 47 to 50 yesterday. Go meh!
  25. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Grats! :clap:

    And I hope it arrives today too, I'm not on at moment, but I'm sure one of our officers who can invite is, if not, message me and I'll pop on.
  26. BrassMonkey

    BrassMonkey Guest

    I would be on but the frickin servers are down :(
  27. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Ahh well let me rephrase.

    When the servers go back up, i'm sure me or some of the officers who can invite will be on.. of course in dire necessity, PM me on here and I'll try to get on asap :p
  28. Tenko

    Tenko Guest

    I can Invite, can't I?

    I think I can, but aint done it yet.

    Sweet jesus I'm a frickin noob, best get in game and shoot some more fuckers out the sky. Its nice being Topgun :D
  29. AGRAGRHAGRHAGH, I may be forced to write a very stern letter to someone at amazon if it doesnt arrive soon. Its been a bloody week since the 'estimated delivery date'. :eek:

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