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    All SOF2 servers have now been updated to OSP v0.3k.

    From the changelog :
    v0.3k / v0.1d ++
    - add: added bbq command to UI
    - fix: fixed alternate spawn points so you don't "fall" when you spawn
    - add: extended the map vote/command so you can now specify an alternate version number and
           a gametype, i.e.: "/callvote map mp_finca 1 ctf" would load mp_finca's ctf alternate #1
    v0.3j / v0.1c ++
    - add: alternate map entities support, in the data folders are enclosed files that will
           g_alternateMap 0 is disabled, any number is enabled
           load alternate placement for objects, and even allow you to enable support for gametypes
           in maps where it wasnt enabled before, inf on pra1? ctf on finca? no problems here
           the file format must be studied to be understood, i will not explain it here
           the file naming is alt[g_alternateMap#]_[map name]_[gametype name].cfg
           ie: alt1_mp_finca_inf.cfg will load when g_alternateMap is set to 1,
           NOTE: the file must be present, if it isnt then the alternate loading will be
           disabled, duh...
           Included are versions that have been worked on by myself and ziggurat, and are pretty
           sure to satisfy most of you, of course you're free to create your own!
    - add: new admin command showex will show the extraction point to every player on the server
           useful for servers running new alternate maps (only in inf)
    - add: new user command showex will show you the extraction point in the current inf map
    - chg: changed competition critical cvars to latched mode, where you need a map_restart 
           to change them, changed cvars are
           * g_backpackrespawn
           * g_respawnInterval
           * g_respawnInvulnerability
           * g_forceFollow
           * g_followEnemy
    - chg: grenades award now counts m203 kills too
    - chg: admin chat now works even if admin powers are suspended       
    - add: admin chat and talk shortcuts through standart messagemodes, simply type the code
           before your chat line to send the admin messages
           /at <yourmessage> (same as /adm talk in console)
           /ac <yourmessage> (same as /adm chat in console)
    - fix: overflow warning when score would go over 99
    - fix: status bar would sometimes disappear (like in warmup)
    - fix: fov now stays forced at 90 during the award ceremony, like the intermission (client only)
    v0.3i / v0.1b ++
    - fix: fixed intermission awards serverside
    - fix: fixed inactivity kicking during the intermission awards
    - fix: bbq on someone who is dead would cause problems
    v0.3h / v0.1a ++
    - add: intermission awards for 7 categories (kills,headshots,grenades,knives,ratio,
           skill,damage), enable/disable with g_awards cvar
    - fix: prevent cvarcheck on cvars that contain the word password
    - fix: intermission scoreboard wasnt displaying correct information
    - add: new admin command bbq, burn someone on your bbq! 
    - add: logging dropping of gametype items like flags, briefcase, who killed the gametype
           item carrier, also appended wether the two players were on the same team or not
    - add: logging, kill now appends the hitlocation (refer to the code to know which is which) 
           to the kill log line (for example, head is = 1024), also appened wether the two players
           were on the same team or not
    - add: new vote, pistolsonly: the next round in round gametypes will be played using only pistols
    - add: new vote, knivesonly: the next round in round gametypes will be played using only knives
    - chg: briefcase icon in simplehud now just changes sides when picked up (instead
           of drawing the X and ? versions)
    - fix: afk time in kick votes should now work correctly
    *** PLUSPLUS ***
    - fix: fixed impact prediction for shotguns
    - chg: melee range boost to account for model based hit detection increased
           from 1.15 to 1.25 (this should make knifing/melee easier)
    - chg: USAS damage increased to 20 per pellet instead of 15 (only applies on regular damage servers)
    - chg: SIG innacuracy while zoomed increased from 0.1 to 0.13
           SIG recoil changed to 3 so its now on par with m4 and ak
           SIG recoil while zoomed lowered to 2.5 
           SIG rate of fire slowed down by 80 milliseconds while zoomed
           Can now run while zoomed in.
    - chg: m590 max inaccuracy lowered to 0.25 from 0.5
    - chg: USAS max inaccuracy lowered to 0.5 from 0.75
    The updated client can be found here (342KB).



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