Regarding DR #20 and onwards


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Jan 2, 2004
1st of all since these forums are my worst enemy but i have to use em...see above have posted list on page 4 i think.

Secondly i have come to inform you that i will no longer be doing public raids on saturday nights.
To some this is a shame but recently with the expansion of TLW i have been given a raid leading position within the guild and have decided to focus my interests within the guild. I will still be running saturday night raids so please respect this however it will be entirely within my guild the last watch. To any who feel ive sold out then realise i have to respect my loyalties to the guild and it is something i want to do. We are a PVE guild capable of doing these things and its unfair to my guild members to focus my interests elsewhere when i could be doing it internally.

If someone wants to pick up on another night where i left off please do ;)

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