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May 30, 2007
Hey all

Albion Avengers are recruiting again and looking for new and old returning players. If you already play the game and looking for a guild then your also able to sign up to join the guild. We are from Albion so if you are a mid or hib then this is a guild (but if you have albs we will welcome u aboard along as u don't spy).

We are looking for people who like to do RvR 8man, zerging, stealthing, ML 10, Moran, mini's and big 3, xping, thid, molvik etc.

We have been running for over a year now and getting stronger every month and becoming one of the largest guilds in Albion. So if you have returned from a long break or a new to the game, this would be a guild for you. #

Albion Avengers are currently in Dark Knights of camelot Alliance. This is a huge alliance and been going strong for over a year. We've had some awsome raids together and hope to stay ally with them for a long time. DkoC /as are always active so you will never feel alone anytime your in the game.

Sign up to the guild : "Apply here to join Albion Avengers Guild!" : Apply to the private boards!! : Albion Avengers : Forums : Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) Guild Site at GuildPortal

We do expect you to have vent and to register at our web site if you are planning on joining us.

1) No drama in Guild or Alliance chat
2) No begging
3) Respect each other
4) Have fun!!!

Hope to hear from you

Albion Avengers Guild Master


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Jun 20, 2011
I recently joined the Albion Avengers, found out about them on these very Forums. Thankyou Cadelin for pointing me in the right direction.

Although I have only been with them a very short time I have found them very helpful. Patient with my general Noobness, as I have been away from the game a long time and a lot has changed, and very friendly

As for activity, there are always things going on. I'm an EU player and it is nice to be in a guild that has active players in all sorts of time zones.

Alliance is nice and friendly too and people happy to help out and offer advice.
Already had some great DTF groups with dual Sojos for fast levelling, been involved in some RvR even though I had only just dinged 50. There seem to be raids of some description going on a lot of the time.

My comments may sound a bit cheesey but the guild has already made enough of a difference, for me personally, to make me stick around in Albion and to stay with DAoC for a long time to come.

Bring on the New Recruits, so i can feel like less of a Noob :clap:

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