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Fledgling Freddie
Jun 23, 2004
Scenario: a meele char have protect on a cleric.

How does the mob react? The message Nn distract the mob upto a point where the mob aggroes the meele ? Unless the cleric spam heals ofc.

Will the mob aggro the meele at the point where it would have aggroed the cleric if no prots on ? Or does the mob aggro the meele at a much later point ?

I have noticed this when doing artis and my reaver outaggros both the cleric and the dmg from necro, by using protect.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 23, 2003
Protect works by assigning a portion of the aggro the protected person attracts by spellcasting to the one protecting him instead. So if a cleric heals while beeing protected by a reaver, the reaver gets some of the aggro caused by the heal, and the cleric gets some. If the cleric spamheals he will eventually get aggro no matter the protect.
It only works for spellcasting aggro, so there is no point trying to protect a melee character.

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