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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by longbow, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Scorba

    Scorba Fledgling Freddie

    Nice to see the kind of attitude that GOA like in their 'moderators'. I'm suprised they didn't offer you a job in Customer Service ;)

    Other people, customers, small cuddly animals? Fuck em and eat em! Good attitude for rvr though :eek:
  2. Bob007

    Bob007 Prince Among Men

    My join date > yours, Doesn't make your or my opnion any more or less valid.
    Jupitus join date > mine, Doesn't make his more or less important then mine*

    *His age does, 150 i heard, but not his join date ;)
  3. Bob007

    Bob007 Prince Among Men

    Tilda a FH mod not a GoA mod, Likes to join chat groups and try for free loot. Wow i have a long memory ;)
  4. Scorba

    Scorba Fledgling Freddie


    Why does he/she say DAOC Moderator in his description? Now I accept that and the royalty bit may not be true.....
  5. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Fledgling Freddie

    Because he is a mod of the DAOC section of the forums =)

    Does anyone else feel like our beloved FH is becoming like the Blizzard forums? You have to wade through so much whining, GOA-bashing and noob-calling to find any decent posts. Free speech is over-rated! =)
  6. Scorba

    Scorba Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks....some light has finally illuminated my brain cell. Sad thing is, I used to know that.

    Nah, free speech is fun. Pro GOA trolls vs Anti GOA trolls. Great as long as it doesn't get in the way of providing info on what people actually want to know.
  7. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    Minor bugs -> ?

    [x] random crashes to desktop (about a dozen in a 10 hour session),
    [x] often only one visible char at selection,
    [x] collision detection leading to warping (I block someone's way, he gets invisible and appears 500 units away),
    [x] extreme variance in loading into scenarios, sometimes I'm in before the match starts, sometimes two minutes into the match, when it only happens to the players on one side mostly you can imagine what side will lose,
    [x] NPCs ghosting, can't attack them, they warp in and back.

    I find the bugs quite severe. No need to blandish the quality of the bugs I think and please note that I am in no way bad-mouthing Warhammer, I think it rocks (well, the elves don't :p) and it defo gets my vote over the others MMOGs out there at the current state.
  8. Draylor

    Draylor Part of the furniture

    Its Tilda, its male one week, female the next, and in neither guise does it understand the rules.
  9. rynnor

    rynnor Rockhound Moderator

    This is not a hierarchy based on joining date - everyone involved in this incident go an infraction even the mod so lets move on and treat each other with equality thanks.
  10. Drifter-One

    Drifter-One It's my birthday today!

    The fact that you consider peoples' social standing by how long they have been a member of a forum indeed makes you an irrelevant nobody...

    Forums are for discussion and debate and if you think length of time makes you a somebody. LOL, just LOL...
  11. Tallen

    Tallen Fledgling Freddie

    Thats your experience, mine differs. Some of this might be down to your PC.

    For my experiences:

    Haven't had a single crash since open beta began (had terrible problems in closed beta on my old PC tho).
    I can see every char instantly at selection screen every time (again, was bad on my old PC).
    Scenario's load almost instantly for me, you might be joining after the scenario has begun because someone has left and your taking his place? (Again, on my old PC it took forever and would even hang and crash at times)
    Only had one mob ghost on me since open beta began, it was worse in closed beta where it happened all the time. (Again, old PC, happened all the time)
    Only ever had one collision detection bounce, not had any since the 4.1 patch (although i know a few players who do have it happen to them occasionally). I am told it's down to lag, but as it never happens to me i don't know much about it. (Struggled to even play pvp in closed beta, so even if it happened to me, i probably wouldn't have noticed).

    It's quite a system-intensive game and my old DAoC rig simply couldn't cope with the game at all even though it was supposedly good enough to meet the system requirements for WAR.

    None of this makes the game unplayable imo, so yes, minor bugs.
  12. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    No, it's not my PC. It's general phenomena. I suggest to actually play with friends on TS and talk to them!
  13. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    Oddly enough, I had a few issues when running TS aswell.... hmm....
  14. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    I played half of the time with TS running and half without, made no difference to me.
  15. Klonk

    Klonk Fledgling Freddie

    Pretty arrogant to claim that "it's nothing to do with my computer" but sure. I only talk to my friends on Ventrilo, not TS, so what do I know? :)
  16. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    I've built personal computers since I'm 13 years old and later sold custom built PCs professionally and I still know how to check a defect PC and find the reasons for the defect.

    My hardware is okay, if you mean it could be DirectX, or Windows or some drivers, well, fair enough, that's one of the problems PC games have to face.

    Beside of that, I don't get your or Tallen's point really. You both seem to be a little bit too assumptive.

    As for the arrogance, I'm arrogant enough to put you into a pigeon-hole with all the other forums-clowns telling people that their machines could be broken when the software itself has clearly some issues. Enjoy the stay there.

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