Nokia N91


Cockb@dger / Klotehommel
Dec 11, 2003
I rang up Orange today.... I spend shitloads of money with them on a monthly basis due to travelling away from home, family living on the Isle of Man etc etc etc

I wanted the W950i which was not offered for upgrade so I rang customer services and told them I was going to leave because the other two phones I had looked at .. the P990i / SPV M3100 were out of stock and if I was put in a queue I would be waiting a month (as they were both very popular).

The told me I could have any other phone off upgrade or new contract list so I asked if the W950i was in stock they said yes .... RESULT!! and to top it off they gave it to me for free instead of the £50 quid charge.

I am not bothered about a camera and this phone lookes just awesome *Grins*

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