Nice evening of RvR stealth/visible fights - for me anyway :>

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by illu, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. illu

    illu Part of the furniture

    Not quite sure what happened, but most fights seemed to go my way tonight :)
    Found a couple of nice spots where you tended to get left alone and had some mad fights, down to the last hit in quite a few :>

    And a lot of the time when I died, a fight would break out near me, generally another 1on1 and that would be interesting to watch too :>

    Haven't quite got the hang of fraps yet - managed to record 1 - doh :/ Missed one amazing fight which was really annoying (the kind that comes along once every few months - I attack a lowbie alb tank, manage to win, then a very high RR inf comes in on the scene straight after and I win the fight after a lot of poison switching, on the last swing, holding my breath :>) . Give Fraps with Gamecam capabilities :/

    Anyway, was good fun - see you out there again soon!

    Oli - Illu
  2. Golly

    Golly Fledgling Freddie

    was this at bryn bridge?

    rvr was great there till about 10 when all the fgs decided itd be fun to steamroll the 10 odd solo/duos out there

    and less trying to kill my minstrel thinking he was afk in water :< cheeky thing
  3. Vodkafairy

    Vodkafairy Fledgling Freddie

    its a shame that groups go to bledmeer to roll up soloers, always makes me do a huge sigh and open /rw to check for other places to go when certain hibs have a small group out again to kill everything with legs at bled. especially if its bainshees coning the bridge so even stealthers can't be arsed to go there anymore.
  4. know what u mean vf, is just sad - those 4-5 men groups going thier to kill solos just shows they can't comepte anywhere else, never the less it's annoying :p
  5. Technodave

    Technodave One of Freddy's beloved

    most fights will go your way when u run with 50% magic resist's and rebuff after every fight but thats an old agrument :fluffle:
  6. xxManiacxx

    xxManiacxx Can't get enough of FH

    Use a normal slash/thrust weap then
  7. Gamah

    Gamah Banned

    What about classes that do most damage with magic based spells ;O? Ala minstrel.
  8. wittor

    wittor Can't get enough of FH

    in his eyes resists buffs are balanced ;)
  9. occy

    occy Loyal Freddie

    lol gratz.
  10. Hrymf

    Hrymf Fledgling Freddie

    Our guild often go odins with 3-5man group, and its simple because its the only place we can compete, and i really cant see the problem considering most of the time there is several fg zergs on the bridge. I have a stealther my self, and i know how that works, we normaly dont instant add on 1v1 fights, also you wont normaly see us camping bridge, because that is really no fun and most of the time we go odins because all we have of dps is a hero or a BM. Anyway, another argument could be that no matter what we fight or dont fight near brynja, you will see every mid stealther and his cousin adding on the fights, so this actually go both ways, i often sigh when we just left a stealther fight 1v1 alone, and next minut we are fighting several mids and maybe 5-10 stealthers decide to add, so /sigh right back at you tbh :)
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  11. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    Yeah it's a pain when grps go bled, beno docks etc., cos their cleric logged or somethign and hang about zerging everything like brynja noobs. Specially as many whine on forums like liddul babies if they get zerged/added in 8v8.

    Funny how long it takes peeps to get bored when there's actually nothing to do :).
  12. eggy

    eggy Fledgling Freddie

    Only time we went Bled last night was to suicide after a great few hours of RVR. Didn't expect any action, but was confronted by several fg of Hibs (might have been the same lot releasing and returning) and a hell of a lot of Mids.
  13. censi

    censi Can't get enough of FH

    your all assuming 6 pack is talking about bryna, but lets be clear he doesnt RVR there he just passes through on his way to hib or alb.

    ok sorry I got my witty whine over and done with :) The resist thing is getting a bit old. Let the guy make a post without mentioning it hey?
  14. pjuppe

    pjuppe Fledgling Freddie

    stealthing warfare?
  15. Faril

    Faril Banned

    hi2u lundqvist
  16. Vipr

    Vipr One of Freddy's beloved

    The problem with Fg,s roaming Bled, Brnja etc for us stealthers is that it bottlenecks the Mids at the keep. In the old days the Mids would build up a mini zerg of randoms and steamroller the Alb or Hib grp that were roaming.

    Now the visuals camping Bled are so fooking useless they just hug the keep and wait for the grp to leave. In the mean time us stealthers trying to have our 1 v 1, 2 v2, etc have to deal with the full zerg of random nubbers that descend from the keep once the fg leaves.

    These mid clowns will then generally add on anything that moves or breathes, along with about 10 random mid stealthers that hid in their keep until the hib / alb visuals left. (Mainly Rodentsb, Frantehgaye).

    So all Fgs please leave Bled for us stealthers !!:touch:

  17. seen u there 3-4 nights now and you DO instant add on 1v1 fights.
  18. well its true, not fun hitting him for 112-(118) :p
  19. Lomme

    Lomme Fledgling Freddie

  20. xxManiacxx

    xxManiacxx Can't get enough of FH

    Sounds like my average dmg against a ranger : )-
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  21. Neffneff

    Neffneff Fledgling Freddie

    2v1 can b fun. for instance me being RR6, i sometimes have a great laugh taking on say...a RR3+a RR4 at the same time, can be an interesting/close fight that tests me. sometimes i lose, sometimes i win.
  22. Ging

    Ging Part of the furniture

    ofc remedy doesnt help :)
  23. Lomme

    Lomme Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah, but Censi and Vipr duoing a rr4 minstrel isn't quite as fun.
  24. Belomar

    Belomar Fledgling Freddie

    Interesting statement in light of the much more testosterone-loaded posts we've seen lately from you.
  25. Sarasor

    Sarasor Fledgling Freddie

    Brynja bridge ain't the best place to solo for a visual tho, cause the wl/sm/bd zerg will get you if you get to close to the bridge.
    And the few times I've been there on my pally, I was either killed by hib 2-5 man groups, or got the mid bridge zerg over me.

    But I'm quite happy with recent soloing around DC, been quiet a nice number of fights.
  26. Vipr

    Vipr One of Freddy's beloved

    Brnja is hardcore mode my friend, make no mistake about that. No one gives you any quarter.

    I have countless sobs storys of my own i could tell, but wats the point;)
  27. Lomme

    Lomme Fledgling Freddie

    I suppose, but 'tis still annoying though. :p
  28. lpep

    lpep Can't get enough of FH

    fg high rr albs seemed to be camping bled bridge most last night with ice wizzys an ct up over both ladders...they even had ct on the docks at one point camping there.. seems sily when there was alot of fg's running around agramon all last night.. guess they couldnt compete with normal fg's and had to camp bridge to fight randoms and solo mids....shame as there has been some good rvr around bled with duos past few evenings..
  29. Hrymf

    Hrymf Fledgling Freddie

    Obviously you got no clue, and i would very much like to see any screenshot or the like to back up on this argument?
  30. Hrymf

    Hrymf Fledgling Freddie

    Well we cant go agramon with 4 or 5 man grps, and we cant really go fight the alb zerg either, and we dont really wanna join the hib zerg, so odins is the perfect place, and we often end out with fights vs mid small groups there, so i still dont really see the problem.

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