Need help with SB Template =)


Fledgling Freddie
May 20, 2004
Okay, I'm over from Mid-Pryd and it's not really much help =/ I've seen screenshots from this server and it seems more RvR pacced.

So, I need a template which consists of these artifacts:

Traitors Dagger

My current specc is:

39 Axe
39 LA
34 Stealth
34 CS
31 Env

In the template I'd like: all stats [Str/con/dex/qui/hits] capped, with as much bonuss as possible, resists capped [If nessary I can get AoM] - Don't include any EnV as I have a pair of MP boots with +11 on it =) and for it to include the 3 artis above [If you could stick in a legendary heat weap it'd be cool]

Cheers for all the help if I get any ^___^

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