ML10 portal spotted

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Mikal, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. Mikal

    Mikal Fledgling Freddie

    the ml10 portal has just spawned at loc 50k, 51k on the island tritonia in Mesothalassa while I was hunting for scrolls. unfortunately my highest char is only ml8 so can't use it myself, but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone wants to set up a raid
  2. SkarIronfist

    SkarIronfist Fledgling Freddie

    Well mikal you better run a ML9 raid now and then you can use the portal later on.
  3. Brite

    Brite Banned

    go camp a char int there til the next hib / alb ML10 raid ;P
  4. harm

    harm Fledgling Freddie

    Agree. I need ML9 as well :p
  5. Kraben

    Kraben Can't get enough of FH


    wish I could be arsed fixing a raid myself.. :(

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