Guild Invites are go!

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by IainC, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks for the reply, Ill expect it 2moroish then
  2. Legean

    Legean Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks for the response. I think i may have got it sorted will just play the waiting game now! :)
  3. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    one last question about this lol Im getting so impatient waiting for my invite to be sorted out and its hell having everyone else in my guild playing it.

    But if by any chance somthing is wrong with my account or anything and my invite isnt valid will i be informed that im not able to be invited or will i just get nothing?

    Thanks Chris *still waiting for his Guild beta invite*
  4. SheridanSloan

    SheridanSloan Fledgling Freddie

    yes, i always press no when a question pops up, it was an accident
  5. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Fledgling Freddie

    Almost everyone i have spoken with today hasn't had an email yet so your certainly not alone :)
  6. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    Its killing me waiting for so long lol And my guild saying "How you liking it then?" "Oh wait your not in yet" evil gits! lol
  7. Legean

    Legean Fledgling Freddie

    On a related note, in my profile next to country it says "Select a country" in a drop down box but clicking it yields no other options. It has an asterix on it and im sure i filled it in correct when i initially signed up. I did send a bug report about it but would that effect being sent an invite?
  8. Downanael

    Downanael Fledgling Freddie

    I have same problem sometimes and i didin't get invite either,thought it was just some loading bug.

    Been wondering does it matter that i changed my email address on the profile about half a year back so it's not the same address i registered with?
  9. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    It only matters that the email address you gave to your GM was the same one as one you account.
  10. Skullbasher

    Skullbasher Fledgling Freddie

    Well it was the same email, but still didn't work.

    Wonder what's wrong with their Database :s

    GM recontacted them with details of people that didn't get it, now I can only wait to see if it gets sorted :m00:
  11. Downanael

    Downanael Fledgling Freddie

    You had this happening by any change?

  12. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    I have the same thing with not being able to select a country. :/

    I know how you feel man, me and 1 of my guild m8s in the same situation. Waiting is hell :flame:
  13. Skullbasher

    Skullbasher Fledgling Freddie

    Yup, I'm one of 3 (that we know of for now) that didn't get a mail, or their account activated while it should've been.

    Shitty as I had the day off and spent it beging miserable :twak:

    *edit* did you mean "by any chanCe" ? or "chanGe" ? as no I didn't change any details on my war-europe account, mail and all other stuff is the same as when I registered

    Interesting, my country is stuck at 'Select a country' to, I can click the box but nothing pops up, can't choose any country... Is this what messed the invites up?
  14. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    Dont think we will know till GOA tell us or maybe they dont even know, as people that have been in cant look back and see if they had it too :s

    *Still waiting* ;)
  15. Downanael

    Downanael Fledgling Freddie

    Well if all 3 of us had that it just MIGHT be,corrupted file or similiar.

    Hope Requiel takes a peek here and reveals this mystery.

    Edit:I had a look and my dxdiag file was also gone apparently,nothing about my computer spec at where it should be shown. Did we really find the culprit?
  16. Skullbasher

    Skullbasher Fledgling Freddie

    Kinda looks like a loading bug now, it is ALWAYS stuck at "Select a country" however if I press F5 to refresh that page it ends up showing "Belgium" as it should. (same behaviour in IE, IE64bit, and FireFox 3)

    Anyway, goodnight guys, and hope we get a nice present when we get up tomorrowmorning.
  17. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    Mines just started to show "United Kingdom" again just this very second, might have been a minor glith thats passed, dont think anyone would have done it know, they should be tucked up in bed so they can get up early and send us our late guild invites :p
  18. Downanael

    Downanael Fledgling Freddie

    Indeed they should! Or stay up late and send us our guild invites,neither way works for me.
  19. Skullbasher

    Skullbasher Fledgling Freddie

    10+ hours later, still nothing

    Also if these 25% approx. are magically unable to receive invite/activation, does that mean they also were unable to receive personal beta invites all these months that passed?? *grmbl*
  20. Xandax

    Xandax Loyal Freddie

    Magically? - If the people messed up their e-mail addresses, there is nothing magical about it.
    Try logging into your profile on the flassshhh site and if you are accepted, then apparently a NDA should pop up regardless of the e-mail.
  21. Skullbasher

    Skullbasher Fledgling Freddie

    I didn't mess up my email, and neither did the other two afaik.

    So yes, "magically"

    Also I logged in like 50x yesterday/today already ><

    Furthermore do you know one player (yet) that didn't get a mail, but did get their account activated? As I didn't find one yet. Sure they give that instruction just in case...

    I do hope they find what's wrong fast :(
  22. misterjingo

    misterjingo Fledgling Freddie

    When the US guild beta went live, a news item was posted on the US site saying if anyone from the guild beta hasn't received their invite, to contact the guy who posted it and he'd sort it out. Does anyone know if the same thing will happen or is in effect for the UK guild beta? If so, who do we contact?
  23. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    Your ment to contact you GM and get him to send your details again.

    *Still waiting for mine* /sigh
  24. Skullbasher

    Skullbasher Fledgling Freddie

    For your GM? Doesn't matter perhaps.

    Our GM sent them list of the 3 people (approx. 16 hours ago), but we didn't get saved yet
  25. misterjingo

    misterjingo Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks for that! I just read the thread and saw this info so was about to remove my post!
    The wait is worth it ;)
  26. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    My GM sent mine about 10.30am yesterday morning, still nothing. :(
  27. Downanael

    Downanael Fledgling Freddie

    I did check the PM's i sent to my GM and both times and the e-mail address was right so it really looks like someone mistyped it or there's something else going on. It's not so hard to type Down-Ana-El now is it! :(

    How long guildbeta will last? will not be fun if we can only play few days because of this.
  28. Skullbasher

    Skullbasher Fledgling Freddie

    Yup found nobody yet who's email actually was wrong.

    I think something is wrong with their database (and it might be hard to fix, as it could destroy other peoples activated accounts??)
  29. Chrismorris

    Chrismorris Fledgling Freddie

    Any news Iain about when they will be sorted, yesterday morning you said a day or so, Its been over 24 hours and still no word.

    Any ideas?

  30. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Fledgling Freddie

    Have patience people.

    There must be a large number of guilds already in the beta, so probably enough to test all the facets of the game.

    Personally i'd happily sit-out the beta as long as enough testing gets done by others and the release is as polished as everyone hopes it will be.

    Remember those of you who are in, your beta testing for all of us, do us proud!! :)

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