Gratzee hibs on 3am relic raid

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Bluesky, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Tuorin

    Tuorin Fledgling Freddie

    Heh, don't ask how the raid started. :p That boat there is a strong indication of the driving skills!
  2. Xxcalibur

    Xxcalibur One of Freddy's beloved

    can i laugh about underpopulated bonuses ?

    in hib / exc they are underpopulated too and they dont rule the server, same example in loads of servers.
  3. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    Less Whine
    More moving as 1FG in Hadrians Wall (This means you eclipse!)
  4. Tuorin

    Tuorin Fledgling Freddie

    Tbh there's a flat no-one pveing in Hibernia moreorless. No fins groups for ages which is good as the same people generated xxxx alts and were never really happy with rvr. There's random Hib groups rvring, bardless groups and all sorts. People soloing or small groups, just about every one out there that's left in RVR.

    Thats the first time ever for Hib. It seems to coincide with the demise of the server however.
  5. Belomar

    Belomar Fledgling Freddie

    Wow, I'm losing more and more respect for Hibernians every passing day. ;) (Which is a pity, since I started out in NF holding them in the highest regard for defending their realm so viciously.)
  6. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    This server isn't in dimise :(

    I think the action is great atm

    Hadrians is like OF emain, and Beno bridge is OF AMG without the scouts :p
  7. Quinlan

    Quinlan Fledgling Freddie

    Lately the action has been great indeed.

    Let's keep going out and kill eachother.
  8. Succi

    Succi Fledgling Freddie

    bang on bro !
  9. Tuorin

    Tuorin Fledgling Freddie

    I heard it was fun last night, but missed the bus! Went solo and got chainganked though by fgs and stealther groups. ;p Get more albs out Bubble!
  10. Quinlan

    Quinlan Fledgling Freddie

    But....but your an overpowered shroom with baseline stun. How can you be chainganked

    o wait....
  11. Puppet

    Puppet Resident Freddy

    Basically what I see:

    * 13 Hibs did the same Albs and Mids do from day 1: Take a keep at a time most of us (including me) are on bed. Keep happened to hold a relic. woohoo

    * 13 Mids cannot defend a level 10 keep against about the same amount of Hibs. If it shows anything its the utter stupidity level of the Mids and the lack of cooperation then anything. Sorry if u cannot defend a level 10 keep against even numbers (<2 FG) you should stop Qq'ing about overpowered Hibs and see what YOU did wrong.

    * 2 relics on the loose now on Prydwen; and a lovely scenary in Hadrians Wall; which looks abit like Old Emain. Beno = HTK, Berk = MTK, the Albs have to run to the scenary (like Hibs did in OF). All it takes to get the loose relics is conquering a level 10 keep. Then everyone has 0/0 bonus from relics and everything is even. Must say I find it laughable to complain about the relics because they aided 'you' (=Mids/Albs) for a very long time in OF.

    * About the Hibs killing the server: I hope you now see what you did to Hibs for 1+ year in OF. Midnight keep-takes; taking Ailinne and Bolg 'to get Hibs out' and other bullshit. Im sure in some twisted way the Hibs who did the relicraid tonight did it to get Mids and Albs out :flame:

    Also I have no doubt the relics will be back behind the relic-milegates within a week. And will stay there for the end of time :)
  12. Puppet

    Puppet Resident Freddy

    About same level of generalisation as 'I hate Mids because Bles his group keeps camping Ailinne' ?

    It where 12-13 Hibs from what I read (no, I wasnt there). I dont think midnight-raids are the way to go either; then again I can perfectly understand it to happen spontaneously. Its also very different to an alarmclock-raid (where people set their alarms to wakeup; login and gather up to take a relic). I've seen Mids and Albs both attack keeps at the same (ungodly) hour.

    Anyhow no doubt in my mind those 2 relics be gone in a week.
  13. Azathrim

    Azathrim Fledgling Freddie

    Ok, we got the point. Poor hibs in OF. You don't have to point this out anymore, we have understood how bad hibs had it in OF. Move along.
  14. Eroda

    Eroda Fledgling Freddie

    RvR been pretty active recently, nice to see. With regards to relic raids in the early hours, i dont like it but just the way it is. Relic keeps are far too easy to breach with small numbers imo, should be more nasty guards or smt on them like the old ones unless u have taken certain keeps before hand.

    Still reckon the entire server should be getting good under-populated bonuses, needs a few more hundred people prime time really (1-1.5k is ideal imo so that a big ML raid doesn't kill rvr for the evening) so would be good for attracting people to all realms. If GOA made prydwen the server of choice for rolling alts, im sure there wouldn't be any problem, just atm i cant see any reason for a person to roll on pryd instead of excal (if they wanted an english server).

    I dont think any realm has enough people right now to properly hold keeps at decent levels without a little help but im guessing Goa are just waiting for catacombs to be released to see what the server is like then before they make any further decisions.
  15. Wholdar

    Wholdar Can't get enough of FH

    Keep was level 8 (on the way to 10).
    Don´t no anything about the RR or classes of defenders, so can´t say nothing about that.

  16. Wholdar

    Wholdar Can't get enough of FH


    Or about the same level of generalisation as "I hope you now see what you did to Hibs for 1+ year in OF".

  17. Puppet

    Puppet Resident Freddy

    Last failed primetime raid @ Scat there was 1 (ONE) level 47 animist defending.

    Both times you didnt fail due to animists. First time u failed due to charging upstairs straight into a PBAE-bomb, TWF3 and ST3 stacked bunch. I didnt make screenshots; but on the stairs there was a pile of 40+ Mids dead-bodies. If u didnt have charged (I know; u gotta make a choice in a split second) u would have had a way better chance : 80 vs 30 or so.

    The 2nd time we had oil and everything up before u hit Scat. Once again not animists where the main problem; but oil, TWF, and simple ranged nukes from the walls. The 2nd run there was no serious amount of Mid stealthers on the wall to control the casters from nuking from the walls.

    Kudos to Mani and Co trying to primetime raid. I personally have no problems loosing the relics (tho I will defend ofcourse) which give us +10%. I rather have all realms have 0/0 - tho human-greed and the urge to have an advantage over your enemy will always result in attempts on relics behind the milegates.
  18. Puppet

    Puppet Resident Freddy

    Well yeah; tho to be technical was at primetime 80+ Mids zerging Emain and was only 12 Hibs here :p
  19. Funkybunny

    Funkybunny Banned

    yeah its easy with 8 baselinestunner-nukers on wall we couldnt show ourselfs before stun debuff nukenukenuke ... we had ONE healer i think,, and she was bluecon! so go coop more with your alb-mates and really stop mids from going out...
  20. Puppet

    Puppet Resident Freddy

    Basically what you're saying is that Hibs had a better setup then Mids. Which has nothing to do with overpowered classes or not. In typical FG vs FG a Midgroup has more baseline-stunners then a Hibgroup too :O

    And dry your eyes about the 'coop more with your alb-mates' i recall a nice duel @ Crauchon between you and me where I didnt FZ nor shoot with bow from range and u where eating nice hibernian grass after it.
  21. Dilanta

    Dilanta Fledgling Freddie

    As I said.. dying to gray-con shrooms...
  22. Funkybunny

    Funkybunny Banned

    im saying 8 baseline stunners.. we were 1 healer... how the hell can he manage that.. and you camped every freckn hole with some stunners ... yeah nice easy to manage then.. and you do coop with alb-mates.. youre a x-realmer of the worst kind imo and you always will be.. dont remember fighting you tbh. but a rr8 or so shar ranger > kobold hunter anytime so pretend youre hardcore now... i liked you better when you ran with a mincer in grp tbh.. atleast you showed your true self then.
  23. Dilanta

    Dilanta Fledgling Freddie

    Twisted strategy can be fun at times - time will tell if their actions did us all a great favour or not.
  24. Wholdar

    Wholdar Can't get enough of FH

    Doesnt make it any less a of a generalization, to be technical.
    To be technical, I bet that not even 10% of those mids are still active.

    Well, we can word-fight all we want, still not gonna help the server, only one that can help the current situation (in my eyes) in any more permanent way is GOA - by getting more players - ie, marketing.

  25. Haazheel

    Haazheel Fledgling Freddie

    Just a small point within your thread guys.

    6 pages already, and someone in the middle asking to boycot rvr. Have you checked how many albs replied in this thread ? Appart those from the same gank group (bubs, martok..) ? None.

    Contrary to what mids think, albion do not have anymore the number nor the will. Albion rvr is 1 nice group -by prime time- and stealthers.
    Oh and yes off course, the week-end, you have a bg of lvl 40+ alb taking a day to get in a hib tower.

    Have fun hibs, and sorry for you mids, you were maybe the realm to play with/against in NF. Not anymore in catas.
  26. Yma

    Yma Fledgling Freddie

    Sure, selling this game 'better' would help, but I bet the influx of new players to Prydwen would be minimal if not null. As soon as the new players would understand the situation - or, poor them, rolled in the wrong realms - they would either quit or reroll elsewhere.
  27. Tesla Monkor

    Tesla Monkor Fledgling Freddie

    Very true. I see Catacombs as a nice way to level alts in other realms basically. :)
  28. Sugah

    Sugah Fledgling Freddie

    Animists don't get any stun.

    I don't think catacombs is going to be good for albs. I'm not a big fan of the way heretics are looking. I think catacombs will be a good thing for prydwen but only hib / mid realms where everyone will want a vampiir or a warlock. I'm not a big fan of early morning realm raids but i will enjoy defending when you come to try take em back :)
  29. koxi

    koxi Fledgling Freddie

    How silly can you be.. So now mids are to blame because Hibs made a late night raid on us.. get real!.. And by the way.. Mids did actually try to raid Hibs twice this weekend.. Prime time raids even.. but both times half our zerk ld'ed and zone was laggy as hell.. but we tried.. Then Hibs tried a morning raid on Albs.. wich failed and Mids got relic instead.. and now we have to listen to some fool telling us that we are to blame.. OMG..
  30. Quinlan

    Quinlan Fledgling Freddie

    If you complain roll a healer. This is one of the big problems in albion too if i recall right, reading it somewhere. Very little (good) support active. Same goes for hib. But complaining the hibs are overpowered and then saying you only had 1 healer is BS. Roll one and play it

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