Freddy's Fallen introduction


Queen of OT
Jan 4, 2004
A very warm welcome to you in this new area of Freddy’s House, created so that the memories of the people we have known and cared for within the online community will always be with us. Please note this is not just for one specific user group all of Freddy's House users are welcome to post tributes here.

If you have anything (pictures, screenshots, quotes, stories about them or a message of condolence to their loved ones) about someone we have lost that you would like to share then here is the place to do it.

Please be aware of other people’s feelings when posting and I will ask you not to post if you have nothing nice to say, this is a place for those we have lost to be remembered well and where their friends can pay tribute to them, any insensitive posts will be removed.

This forum is dedicated to all who have moved on but will never be forgotten.



Fledgling Freddie
Aug 9, 2004
A very moving thing to do Ezteq <3, a place where you can come and pay respect to those you did or did not know, of the list, I remember Jenna, the life and soul of Barrys World, and Panthera. Whom both have gone, with the others, to a far better place, my thoughts are with you.

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