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FreddyBeer 2012 is set for 20th July, 2012. Can you make it?

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Dec 11, 1997
Guys - I really did want to come along but my finances still are shot to pieces. Good news is the house is almost sold, me and Mrs-Soon-To-Be-Ex-J are getting on ok, I have ready access when my sons want to visit and I'll be sort of solvent soon! Deebs - you're top of the list for a city drink when I can, and I reckon we should get Lamp along because he has a classy fridge. Vae, Mycenae, I'm sorry pals x
Jupitus glad to hear things are getting sorted for you. Of course, just give me a shout and we can drag Zarjazz and that lazy cunt Lamp out (he reminds me of a post).

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