Dragon Raid.

Discussion in 'Albion' started by old.Gombur Glodson, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Ok, might aswell get this over with and try again once we've patched. (though I'll probably regret it several times later :p )

    The tactics will be the same as on my other raids (since I haven't tried anything else I'd like to see if it still work, if it doesn't then I'll try different tactics)

    The tactics is to gather in the 4 sides of the dragon spawn, a theurgist pet spams the dragon to get the first AE, as soon as the dragon has AE'd the pet, all people rush in from the 4 sides.
    All magic bar FIRE is allowed (since fire is said to heal the dragon) and hopefully the dragon will die.

    Loot will be lottoed personal.
    Only rr5 people of the proper class can enter lotto for the 4 100% qua drops (that's the way it'll be, if you don't like it then don't come and do your own raid some other time)
    Everybody can enter for the normal Dartmoor loot.
    The respec stones will be lottoed first to people who's really fucked up their spec (need proof of this)
    When the poor souls has won stones, the rest will be lottoed to people who'd just like to respec.
    Same goes for the RA stones.
    I hope you will all put the need before greed in this situation and respect that some people need a respec more than you.
    Also I hope that noone will enter lotto for a stone just so they can sell it at insanely high prices.
    If your guild want to join then post the guild name here and the person from the guild I shall contact with date/time ect.
    I will msg guild leaders who hasn't posted when I get home.

    And so there will be no misunderstandings about this:
    I will NOT claim ANY item for myself.
  2. Meatballs

    Meatballs Guest

    Have fun lottoing 25 respec balls to people on an individual basis...

    P.S. is the 100% Quality dragon loot still junk?
  3. Im open for suggestions regarding the Stone lotto.

    Could be something in the line that 1fg gets a chance of 1/2 stones.

    So a guild bringing 3fg gets to lotto for 3/6 stones.
  4. GrimReaper

    GrimReaper Guest

    It may be good to pass out the stones to Guilds for them to decide internally who most needs them. It would encourage guilds to show and bring full groups. If each guild that attends with at least 2fg receives a stone, then this would seem fair and easy to understand.

    Only problem is if more than 12 guilds want to attend...

    Just an idea :)
  5. Thanks for this good call Gombur, if our GM signs for it, I will be happy to raid Golestandt again with you :D
    Otherwise I will come just for the fun of this event, not claiming anything ;)
  6. I like the idea, that guilds who bring 2fg recieves a stone, and if more than 12 guilds bring 2fg, then I guess they'll have to be lottoed :)
  7. bonna

    bonna Guest

    givf respec stone :p
    swaping thrust ( too gimpy) to slash :eek:
  8. Another idea would be that guilds who bring 2fg gets a stone, guilds who can only bring 1fg will have to lotto for the stones along with other guilds who can only bring 1fg.

    Just a suggestion.
  9. etaew

    etaew Guest

    my guild will be up for it.. the grey company.. give me a bell ill be on etaew/cennon/minieta

    ps i need to respec.... got 15 points left over o_O
  10. shani

    shani Guest

    I'll ask my guild if they are interested, will get back to you
  11. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    i believe we already have a raid planned...when are you thinking about having this raid?
  12. Gombur reply to bubble through pm do not want mids or hibs trying relics :p
  13. liste

    liste Guest

    discuss that in private? ;p
  14. We should do Dragon Raids on a 1/2 weekly basis to get loads of respec stones :)

    But lets see how this one turns out, been a long time since I last saw Gole.
  15. -naetha-

    -naetha- Guest

    Yep I'm up for it - should be able to field a good 3fg Rigantes, assuming its at a sensible time ;) I know we have at least two 2h paladins in the guild that could do with some respec wub as well as a SERIOUSLY gimped mincer :)
  16. AoV wants to come :)

    Atleast seems fun to me and i guess i can convinve atleast 1 fg to come aswell.

    Pm cavex, malicki or romper
  17. tris-

    tris- Guest

    i need respec, got 44 crush and max pole when i only need 39 crush :(
  18. Meatballs

    Meatballs Guest

    Argh at all the naff respecs people are gonna come up with. Gifv to sorcs/mincers ><
  19. Meatballs

    Meatballs Guest

    If 196 decide to turn up for a raid? That'll be the day ;) (just fobb them off with extra realm respec stones!)
  20. hrodelbert

    hrodelbert Guest

    thats a very nice thing to do, lub you gomb
  21. Yussef

    Yussef Guest

  22. hrodelbert

    hrodelbert Guest

    hrhr <note to self read posts before replying>
  23. vayasen

    vayasen Guest

    I thought SoTL could do everythgin alone and didnt need any1s help...oh wait...u need respec stones....ah better get all the guilds u help rest of the time to come help u eh?

    No offence..but typical ;]

    Last dragon raid = Gombur claims ube drop 1 himself.

    SOTL get auto given 2 other Uber drops.....then 1 uber drop lottoed between about 12 guilds....lol

    Wasnt until i got quite annoyed and had a go big time that somethgin got changed.

    Loe have a Dragon raid organised also(not mentioning dates here). We plan on farming him with a few other guilds....drop me aline in game if interested.
  24. Would've loved to see the original post :p
  25. I'm unguilded numbnuts, leave your sotl hatred out of this.
    And read the post before replying, otherwise you'll end up looking like a fool.
  26. hehehe, imagine if its planned on the same day. cornwall will crash with 80% of albions population in it :)
  27. Addlcove

    Addlcove Guest

    too late :confused:
  28. Jenkz

    Jenkz Guest

    Even if Gombur was not unguilded, and was still in SotL, he's posting here as an INDIVIDUAL offering to organise an albion dragon raid. Not a guild raid. To my knowledge Gomburs last dragon raid was just that, a personal raid organised 100% by himself.

    /me hands Vayasen more tampons.

    You should really try getting out of bed on the other side.
  29. Xeanor

    Xeanor Guest

    So it will be impossible for the people who are in a small guild, to get a respec stone?

    My suggestion: Let people with >really< bad specs (Things like: specced 49 instead of 50 in some skill and miss out on best spell/style) message you and make a list of it, shouldn't be too many people, and we should be able to get a stone for them all with 2-4 Dragon kills.
  30. Lochlyessa

    Lochlyessa Guest

    You really are a mopron aren't you? Gombur claimed the FSLS after leading 3 successful raids (ps how many have you done? gg) and then thought to gifv the Heart of the North to Arawn, who was the highest RR scout at the time. That never happened because they were both in SotL, and our GM's objected to 1 guild having 2 drops. Sooo, please, get a fucking clue before posting bullshit on a public forum. I really don't care if you dislike SotL, but slandering (libel for visit.) a guild on a public forum just because you don't like them = Heh.

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