Dragon raid - 19th wed 18:00 GMT

Discussion in 'Albion' started by old.Gryllus, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. old.Gryllus

    old.Gryllus Guest

    Here are the names.
    I had to choose from over 33 players, many fine people had to be left out. If we succeed I will feel encouraged to organize more, so I hope I can offer more possibilities later.

    Group 1

    Paladin - Butcher
    Armsman - Steveh
    Armsman - Benga
    Necromancer - Headx
    Theurgist - Elizabeth
    Cleric - Shani
    Cleric - Grylla
    Minstrel - Cayote

    Group 2

    Paladin - Krisz
    Mercenary - Gorse
    Mercenary - Sousi
    Cleric - Cinderella
    Cleric - Thaledra
    Sorcerer - Belgaria
    Reaver - Constanze
    Theurgist - Sru

    Group 3

    Paladin - Wermin
    Cleric - Seksual
    Cleric - Tiffa
    Theurgist - Scunner
    Mercenary - Talmont
    Friar - Bubble
    Scout - Tafaya
    Armsman - Gryllus

    Group 4

    Aoln the battlescout, if you accept the hard job of being out-of-grp. The 6 clerics should have the time to rebuff & heal you if you ask it on the cg.


    Capped heat resist is very important. Purge is important too, can be done without though.

    Some requirements for the classes:
    Friars: last heat resist
    Clerics: 100% resurection /lvl40 rejuv/
    theurgists: 6 sec pbt


    Meeting is at 17:45 in GOTHWAINE HARBOUR, not Cornwall, because if someone does not come, it is easier to get reinforcements there.

    I except about 10-12 AoD members to come, so about 13 spots are free for all who sign up.
  2. -Lotheric-

    -Lotheric- Guest

    Signing up for Armsman spot if any free spot left after AoD members are sorted. RR6 with capped stats/resists, Purge and SB etc.
  3. Simba

    Simba Guest

    Signing with
    Butcher lvl50 pally (fh purge, 29% heat resist, 48 chants)
  4. andrilyn

    andrilyn Guest

    signing on with my cleric.
  5. Huntingtons

    Huntingtons Guest

    Ill do Either Friar or necro...

    Friar capped resis and 49 enh.

    Necro is DS, dunno about resis tho, he's a gimp as the rest necroes :) but I'll come mate, sign me in
  6. [Oo]Escape

    [Oo]Escape Guest

    I can be there with Cleric
  7. Scunner

    Scunner Guest

    cleric theurgist (6 sec) or scout.
  8. Talmont

    Talmont Guest

    Talmont, 50 merc, 50 dualwield, full SC, Purge, Determination IV and has much dragon hunting experience.
  9. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    i can come. been one loads of raids and have all requirements ;)
  10. GrimReaper

    GrimReaper Guest

    Happy to bring my 6 sec theurg Skin with capped heat etc.

  11. Belgaria

    Belgaria Guest

    Can bring my sorc or steal my dads polearmsman :)
  12. Rambo

    Rambo Guest

    i can come with Sousi[merc], ofc he has all requirements
  13. Celestius friar, max heat resist, last heat resist buff,purge or
    Tafaya scout, Rapid Shot II, no purge

  14. Wermin

    Wermin Guest

    Poler or pally signing up
  15. Exellenze

    Exellenze Guest

    Scout signing up
  16. [Cinderella]

    [Cinderella] Guest

    me :spin: clericspot
  17. Delket

    Delket Guest

    /em whirls
  18. Me please :)

    I will make you proud guys, I promise.

    (will be nice to get to go to a Dragon hunt again, haven't had the opportunity in months.)
  19. rakna

    rakna Guest

    Polearms signing up :)
  20. constanze

    constanze Guest

    me with my reaver
  21. Gamah

    Gamah Guest

    minstrel signing up
  22. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    <--- For Friar
    Last Heat resist

    if the dragon stuns and then Glares at you, if you don't purge and run like hell you've killed the dragon raid.
  23. lillagullan

    lillagullan Guest

    50+15 shield pally, mob3, 42 chants
    signing up for pally spot in Third grp
  24. Sajko

    Sajko Guest

    PBT Theurgist signing up (Elizabeth)
  25. sru

    sru Guest

    Sru - 50 Theurg + 6 sec bubble + purge + high heat + been on them before
  26. This is why I RA respecced my friar :)
  27. Uberall

    Uberall Guest

    s/s arms, sorc
  28. Graknak

    Graknak Guest

    TBh purge is useless, if you got a scout or 2 on massive arrowspam it's hardly gonna glare at anyone apart from them, them being glared at normally is enough for the stun to wear down, also you should keep at least 1 semi-passive cleric out of aoe range at any time , 40 rejuv ofc. so he can rezz some of the fallen if needed, heck even a very active cleric out of range helps since he'll get alot of glares too, 35 enh buffed cleric with +200hp, and 26% heat min will survive a glare no matter what, it's about 1400dmg for a 26% heat resist glare, really it's the pbaoe that's the problem not the glares...
  29. Juiliet

    Juiliet Guest

    Would love to join this with cleric or friar.
    Got all the specs you posted you need, purge and max heat resist on both
  30. Thaledra

    Thaledra Guest

    I can bring cleric 50 (rej 42+12, purge, max heat res, etc), or 45 theurg (6 sec pbt, no purge, low heat resist).

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