DR Signup - Wednesday 16th March 2005 - Read Information b4 Signup.

Discussion in 'Albion' started by Talsar, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Talsar

    Talsar Albion Legend


    As this is my first attempt of leading a DR (been on so many with Bubble) - This raid is for experienced Dragon Raiders Only, if you have not attended a Dragon Raid before, don’t sign up, as your inexperience will wipe the Raid out.

    Those who make the signup list join my BG (Talsar) on Wednesday; it will be open before 7PM. If you are not in the BG by 7:10PM we will start finding replacements.

    Meeting at Goth Harbour @ 7pm GMT(UK Time)

    How to Sign up:
    • Simply reply to this thread stating the character(s) you are able to play
    • You must ALSO state the character you wish to roll for
    • If you don’t state a character, you will be rolling for whoever you bring to the raid
    • Posting "Healu, 50 Cleric, BoF3, Purge2, DI3, SC'd and experienced" is good
    • Posting "me please" or "See Sig "is bad and may result in me picking someone else

    Requirements to attend:
    • Level 50
    • Capped heat resist
    • Clerics with 40 rejuv minimum
    • Friars with 24% heat resist minimum
    • Theurgists with 10 sec PBT
    • Scouts with rapid fire 2
    • Mercenaries with 50 dual wield

    Favored towards
    • Spell crafted characters
    • Previous raid experience
    • Theurgists with 6 sec PBT
    • Perfecters with power font and det field
    • Use of the Purge RA

    • If we are successful each person will receive a FULL and RA respec stone
    • Remains and 100% drops will then be /random 100'd highest will win
    • One item per person per raid

    Group Setup

    Cleric- Talsar


  2. DavidH

    DavidH Part of the furniture

    Its been a while since Albion last saw a few good ML raids. On the very same day and time, its a ML4 raid. Might wanna consider moving the dragonraid a bit to ensure that people wanna come. I want to come, but I cant because of the other raid, I'm pretty sure a lot feel the same.
  3. Talsar

    Talsar Albion Legend

    Hmm that is a good point, i will still run with Wednesday and see what turnout is like. I kinda miss Dragon Wednesdays why i want to keep the Bubble Tradition going.

    If we dont get numbers then the raid will be cancelled. However i hope that there is people who dont want to do ML and are looking for something else on that night.
  4. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    Healu 50 Cleric
    Ml10 Perfector
    Purge2 and DI2
    spec- 40 rejuv 36 enhance
  5. DavidH

    DavidH Part of the furniture

    Well, I'm glad to see the old raid spirit is being kept up. So please, keep it up too. :D
  6. Arethir

    Arethir Fledgling Freddie

    Lead more DR's imo!

    And 50 paladin OR 50 cleric signing up, experienced on both.

    Paladin 50 shield, ToA'd, CB, purge2, IP, VH ++.

    Cleric 40 rejuv, 36 enh, ToA'd, CB, purge1, DI2, FoP, mcl2 ++.
  7. Raknarok

    Raknarok Fledgling Freddie

    experienced hybrid arms signing up!
    50 2h, 42 shield, 39 slash
    capped stats/resists, AoM3, ip2, purge2 etc
  8. Mikah75

    Mikah75 Can't get enough of FH


    WOOT YAY finally:p!
    Aroref 50 friar, experienced on bubble DR's:), SC suit, with last red heat resist, capped heat resist, purge etcetc
  9. Sajspurs

    Sajspurs Fledgling Freddie

    sajspurs level 50 pally, sos, purge, heat resist capped, experienced dragon raider
  10. Nitz

    Nitz Fledgling Freddie

    Curator, 50 Cleric, 40 reju/36 enhance, ML9, Purge1, DI1, experienced
    rolling for Merc
  11. AtilasPally

    AtilasPally Fledgling Freddie

    I Will Be There !

    Sign Up With My Pally :flame:
  12. Darzil

    Darzil Fledgling Freddie

    Well, I've been trying to run ML4 and we keep having to cancel for lack of numbers. Thanks for making sure !

  13. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    I thought all you roleplayers were a happy bunch.

    A DR only uses 24 people
    A ML4 raid only needs 24 people
    And who says all 24 wanted to attend your raid anyway? most of the DR ppl are ML10
  14. Rellik

    Rellik Fledgling Freddie

    Whould like to come with Rellik, Paladin capped heat resist, purge 2, spellcrafted
    Could also come with Thorbear, Scout capped heat resist, Spellcrafted, Purge 2, altho hes 45 bow atm.
    Been on Alot of dragon raids with Both chars :fluffle:
  15. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    Anarki, lvl 50 friar signing up!

    (got last fire resist buff, and capped heat resist)
  16. Darzil

    Darzil Fledgling Freddie

    Sorry. The last ML4 took 2.5 hours to attempt 4.2 only with 5fg. The 8fg one took 2.5 hours for the entire raid. You may be able to do more with optimised groups, but you don't get optimised groups for ML raids.

    It does stop people like me, with several high characters, including ML10, from coming on the dragon raid, which is the only other advertised raid that week.

    I'd just like to be able to do both !

    And sorry if I came over a bit grumpy. I advertised two weeks in advance to allow more to see, some other people to run raids, and of all the possible dates to choose for the DR, this one was chosen. The numbers in Albion weren't what they were, so I believe it unlikely that both will get the numbers, sadly. I hope I'm wrong, though.

  17. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    Sorry.. can't come.. crashing with ML4 :mad:
  18. Graendel

    Graendel Fledgling Freddie

    Boohoo, I want a fifth ML10 :(
  19. TheSearcher

    TheSearcher Fledgling Freddie

    signing with aldurs rejuv cleric again
  20. Amanita

    Amanita Part of the furniture

    Bad timing for me also, sorry.
  21. Gorse

    Gorse Fledgling Freddie

    I would like to join!
    Gorse - 50 DW merc -ML 10 banelord - Purge 2 - RA 2 - MoP 2 - AQ 1 - fully sc'ed - heat resist capped - experienced

    Would like to roll for caster
  22. FolkeFalcon

    FolkeFalcon Fledgling Freddie

    Signing up

    Xerzes,50 Scout,Rapid fire II, capped Heat resist
    Have been "Glare bot" on Bubbles DR raids with succes
  23. [Cinderella]

    [Cinderella] Fledgling Freddie

    ml10 rr7 toad rejcleric capped heat been on hundreds of dr´s. or my theurg 8sec pbt.
  24. Outlander

    Outlander Part of the furniture

    would like to sign up with my 50 infil or 50 pally. Both capped heat, purge, pally has 50+11 & mob3 shield. Would like to roll for paladin please. Very experienced uber veteran been on countless dragon raids good runner etc :D

    thanks :)

  25. Righthandof

    Righthandof Fledgling Freddie

    would like to come with one of my 3 great heros ;>
    All SCed, capped heat resists, and ive been on plenty DR before..(10+)

    Roope is a paladin with very good blocking skills, 50+15 shield with mob4.
    Flamee is an experienced scout with rapid fire 2.
    Righthandof Diablo is a nice damage dealer.

    Pick one pls.
  26. Lorimez Shadowblade

    Lorimez Shadowblade Fledgling Freddie

    Signing up.

    50 Merc rr6 MoP 5 DW 50 Capped heat resist ML8 Banelord


    TORNEDO Fledgling Freddie

    i would like to join with xrystofer 50lvl reaver caped heat sced/toaed mob4 ip1 shield=42+13+mob4 i have been in a few drs
  28. Derik

    Derik Fledgling Freddie

    Derik signing up. 2H hybrid arms, 42 shield, 50 2H, heat + melee resists, AoM3, purge 1, IP2, dragon experience. :)
  29. Tempelriddare

    Tempelriddare Fledgling Freddie

    Want to sign up Swedishwolf 50 Arms S/S
    SCrafted capped heat been on several of Bubbles raids.
  30. Shanaia

    Shanaia Fledgling Freddie

    Signing up.

    Can play
    - Fishis - Paladin - SC'd/toa'd, 50+14 shield, mob2, max heat resist, purge
    - Laraia - Merc - SC'd/toa'd, max heatresist, 50 dw, purge
    - Chandler - Cleric - SC'd/(half)toa'd, max heatresist, fop, full toa % to heal and buff, 41rej/35 enhance, purge.

    Rolling for wizard but really just coming for the stones

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