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Discussion in 'Techie Discussion' started by Gurnox, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. Gurnox

    Gurnox One of Freddy's beloved

    Has anyone out there had any experience with Yellow Dog Linux on PPC?

    I have adopted an old Powerbook G3. OS-X is killing it and I, point blank, refuse to use MacOS 9.2. Thinking that a Linux install might give it the shot in the arm it needs.
  2. TdC

    TdC Trem's hunky sex love muffin Staff member Moderator

    go for it. I know someone who uses it and it seems to work sweetly. careful with that werd mac-only boot thingy though :/
  3. mookie

    mookie One of Freddy's beloved

    what speed g3? my g3 800 was slow as fuck with osX with 128mb, but i threw more ram at it and it was like a whole new machine, i have 640 in it atm and its great to use now, osx is perfectly useable(or it would be if apple would pick the fucking laptop up nd repair it!).

    is YDL downloadable now? last time i looked, you actually had to *buy* it? and the Gentoo PPC livecd wouldnt work on my laptop either.
  4. Gurnox

    Gurnox One of Freddy's beloved

    I have a much older G3. The Powerbook is a 300Mhz Lombard with 192Mb of memory sat in it. Not the best.....

    Yes, you can download YDL. Do a Google for their home page and it's in the downloads section.
  5. Gurnox

    Gurnox One of Freddy's beloved

    OK, cheers. I had a read about that strange bootloader. Seems more of a problem if you have an 'old-world' PROM in the machine.
  6. Gurnox

    Gurnox One of Freddy's beloved

    In case anyone's interested. I've taken the plunge and am currently installing it on my old Powerbook.

    If there are two words that spring immediately to mind they are 'Red' and 'Hat'. The installation procedure is identical. It also uses RPM packages.

    But will it be able to breath some life into this ancient machine? That is the question......
  7. Gurnox

    Gurnox One of Freddy's beloved

    Ah, it is Red Hat for PPC.

    Has made my old Powerbook go zoom. I recommend it to anyone who who has an old PPC that they want to get more life from!

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