Wrong number and I feel terrible about it.

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Summo, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Summo

    Summo Loyal Freddie

    Let me transcribe a phone conversation I've just had this very minute before I forget it...

    Phone rings
    Me Hello?
    Lady Hello, can I speak to Marigot? (That's what it sounded like.)
    Me Sorry, I think you have the wrong number.
    Lady Oh. Is that 01245 xxxxxx? (she gave me my number)
    Me It is, but there's no Marigot that lives here.
    Lady. Oh right. I'm trying to get hold of Marigot at 11 Tabor Avenue.
    Me Well, that's this number, but not that address, I'm afraid.
    Lady I need to tell her that her mother's died.
    Me ...
    Lady And I can't get hold of her.
    Me Oh dear. Well, I'm very sorry to hear that, good luck finding her. I'm sorry.
    Lady Her mother died tonight and she doesn't know.
    Me Yes. Um... perhaps you could phone 118 118? Maybe they can give you the correct number for that address.
    Lady Yes. Maybe that's the thing.
    Me ...
    Me Yes.
    Lady ...
    Me ...
    Lady ...
    Me Um... I'm sorry.
    Lady Yes.
    Me Well... good luck again.
    Lady Yes.
    Me ...
    Me Okay, bye! (hang up)

    Now, somehow I feel like I've killed Marigot's mother. :( There's nothing I could do! The address she wanted is just down my road and had there been any more pauses I would probably have volunteered to go down there myself.

    "Hello. You don't know me, I live up the street, but I just got a phone call from someone I don't know who reliably informs me that your mother is, as of tonight, dead."


  2. Sar

    Sar Resident Freddy

    Yuo Aer Teh Evli Mann!
  3. Sar

    Sar Resident Freddy

    Fuck sake why can't I post in all caps FFS!
  4. FuzzyLogic

    FuzzyLogic Kicking squealing Gucci little piggy

    Why did she feel the need to tell you something like that when she knew that you weren't the person she was looking for, or even knew whoever it was she wanted.

  5. Sar

    Sar Resident Freddy

    I bet it was an old lady...

  6. Will

    Will /bin/su Staff member Moderator

    How depressing Summo. Remember, you didn't do it.

    My best wrong number ever went along the lines of...

    Me : Hello?
    Caller : Is that the NHS helpline?
    M : No, you've got the wrong number
    C : Are you sure?
    M : Let me check...yes, I'm really sure
    C : You're just taking the piss. I want to speak to your manager.
    M : Listen, I'm really not the NHS helpline. If I was, I wouldn't be allowed to tell you to fuck off, would I?

    My phone number at the time was only one digit off from the NHS helpline for Edinburgh, so the wrong number wasn't unexpected.
  7. RandomBastard

    RandomBastard Can't get enough of FH

    Always remember its never your fault. Unless you're Will, in which case it is.
  8. Cyfr

    Cyfr Banned

    You could have had some real fun with that Will ;)
  9. Will

    Will /bin/su Staff member Moderator


    I would have left it, but you had to cross the line, didn't you?:eek:
  10. RandomBastard

    RandomBastard Can't get enough of FH

    Doesnt stop it being your fault....
  11. leggy

    leggy Probably Scottish

    I'm sick in the head. That made me laugh summo :(
  12. caLLous

    caLLous I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    Summo, calm yerself. There's no way you could've possibly prevented it and nothing you could've possibly done to make it any easier for the caller and/or the bereaved. It's not your fault the lady rang the wrong number. :)
  13. Deadmanwalking

    Deadmanwalking Fledgling Freddie

    Amen to that.
  14. Gumbo

    Gumbo FH is my second home

    A fella rang me at work and asked if I was Stannah Stairlifts, I said no, and that he had the wrong number, but he wouldn't have it. He kept insisting that I must be Stannah, and that I should be round to his in short order to fix his lift. This went on for some time, until I agreed to send a team round, and that I had all his details logged from his phone number.

    I now envision this guy stuck upstairs, or maybe down, and wondering why no-one was arriving to fix it.

    I believe that makes me a badder person than Summo and Will, put together with added evil and norty frosting.
  15. KevinUK

    KevinUK Can't get enough of FH

    Awww, I want someone to phone me now! :flame:
  16. Deadmanwalking

    Deadmanwalking Fledgling Freddie

    A woman rang me at home asking for Argos (It's bottom of my road) and when told she had the wrong number, she threw loads of verbal and then slammed the phone down. So anyway an hour or so later she phoned back again asking for Argos, so my sister told her to

    "Fuck off back to the shithole you call home and top yourself with the nearest sharp object you find"

    Or words very close to that. She never phoned back again :(
  17. SoWat

    SoWat Loyal Freddie

    I rang what I thought was a friend's number. An unknown voice answered...

    Me: Oh I'm sorry, I think I have the wrong number.
    Them: Who are you after?
    Me: Joe Bloggs (made up name).

    touchy bastard.
  18. caLLous

    caLLous I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    I met this girl at work (nightclub, before you assume it's a brothel or something) and she gave me her "number". It so wasn't her number, I sent a couple of messages just trying to kind of establish a friendship and I got some real shitty replies.

    Cut a long story short, I think I called a big hairy bloke "honey". :(:(
  19. fatbusinessman

    fatbusinessman Fledgling Freddie

    Wow, is it Friday already?
  20. Stimpy

    Stimpy Fledgling Freddie

    I once had an old sounding guy ring up asking for someone called Mary. When I told him he had the wrong number he told me he had fallen over and his wardrobe had fallen on him and he couldn't get up, I told him maybe he should ring 999 and they may be of some help then there was a silence so I say bye and put the phone down - I still have visions of him still being stuck 3 days later.
  21. Hashmonster

    Hashmonster Fledgling Freddie

    dont worry summo - but cutting the conversation much earlier would've helped :D

    did make me laff tho :) sorry :(
  22. Damini

    Damini Part of the furniture

    My friend Anna moved back out to Spain, and she gave me her telephone number. Now, all I can say in spanish is "sandwich" "cheese" "left" and "square", so she taught me to say "Hola, esta Anna?" when I phoned her.


    Me: Hola, Esta Ana?

    Woman: No, ce ejhiefuy lehefhe lheeloiuxi kjjheo lejl

    Me (not understanding a word of what was said): Si. Adious!

    Next day:

    Me: Hola, Esta Ana?

    Woman: No, ce ejhiefuy lehefhe lheeloiuxi kjjheo lejl!!!!

    Me: Si. Adious!

    Repeat for a week, with her responses getting more animated as we talk each time. I guess I must just keep on missing Anna.

    That is until Anna rings me, and explains that she's no longer staying at that address, and her poor grandma had been saying to me repeatedly "NO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHE DOESN'T LIVE HERE! WHY WON'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?" Before I'd chirpily reply "Yes! Goodbye!" Poor woman.
  23. Wile E. Coyote

    Wile E. Coyote Fledgling Freddie

    LOL, funny! :clap:

    Very evul of you to terrorize little old women like that! You psychopat! :p
  24. Hashmonster

    Hashmonster Fledgling Freddie

    LOL @ damini :D brilliant!
  25. raw

    raw Can't get enough of FH

    lol people like that crack me up.

    When i joined my company i was given an existing sim card (from someone who left) and a new handset, i got a few calls for this guy but eventually they stopped, anyway i get a text one day about the football, going on about man utd and how were shite and that man city are teh own! didnt recognise the number but i figured it was a mate, so i replied back a little abusively (in a friendly kinda way) and the guy rings me up, after 10 mins of football chat he says so hows the wife then, im like err the wife? he went yeah you know liz, im like sorry dude i dont have one, he says, that is graham yeah? i went no its Chris, he says oh, thought you were graham, and hangs up.

    Mucho lol :D
  26. MYstIC G

    MYstIC G Official Licensed Lump of Coalâ„¢ Distributor Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

  27. Ch3tan

    Ch3tan I aer teh win!!

    Summo was driving the renault/citreon they never found?!

    Get your rightful vengence William!
  28. Deadmanwalking

    Deadmanwalking Fledgling Freddie

    Ch3tan, you really are about as funny Xtro on E.
  29. Ch3tan

    Ch3tan I aer teh win!!

    I aim to please :p
  30. dysfunction

    dysfunction FH is my second home

    Never mind Summo...they would seemed a bit weird trying to make the situation your problem.

    On one occasion I made a call to a friend. Someone I didnt recognise answered but I still asked to speak to my friens? They said just hold on a sec.
    and my friend answered the phone...

    ...he then said "How did you know I was here?".

    I was a bit confused by this and then he went on to say he was at another friends house and nobody would have known the number there...a bit freaky

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