Who closed the 'Massive Catacombs marketing campaign'-thread?

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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 30, 2003
Since this is one of the more debated subjects atm and i didnt see any reason to close the thread, its highly disturbing that someone closes it without tellin who and why...

Reason for this is that the gm's are moderators on the board and it can be seen as a easy way to stop the negative posts about the adv campaign for the upcoming expansion. And no, i dont think that any gm closed it but its allways better to be clear about who did it and why so it wont get used against, in this case, the gm's.

And for the ones who think that a expansion are made for the existing customers and not to atract new ones, u are wrong. One of a company's biggest goals is to gain market shares and in that way satisfy their investors / owners. And one way is to give the customers, existing ofc but potential ones too, more content that meets or surpasses the competitors. Like an expansion to give a game more content and up to date graphics etc.

I goa's case i really hope they still think that DAoC have a potential to grow and attract new customers and if they wanna do that they need to use the expansions to meet the existing/upcoming competitors. They need to advertise to make sure that the game aint seen as a 'old and dying' game, and how do you do that? Show the potential customers the latest and upcoming content ofc.

Another more disturbing scenario is that Goa they just wanna make as much money as possible with minimum costs until the playerbase isnt big enough, and then eventually close it down.

If its the latter, they are doin a great job. If its the former, they are in big problems... Not just because they failed to advertise this expansion but because they seem to lack even the most elemental knowledge about how to advertise in general and what channels you can use to do this.

So Goa, hire some employees with the right education and set them to work, imo u will need it ;)

And no this aint no mod baiting... and yes its your board and you can do whatever you want but in the end its the members that makes a community, not the technology so feel free to ban me... but keep in mind that a uncalled closure of a debate, in this case a thread, wont make your work any easier, especially when a mod failed to get the upper-hand.

Link to the orginial thread:


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
I not sure its in me to agree with a hibby, but i think im gonna have to....


It's my birthday today!
Dec 24, 2003
that would be me locking it since it turned into yet another "OMG release date" thread and the "anyone seen any adverts yet?" thread served the same purpose.

Should have posted though, sorry :)

Right, posted something now, I'll blame lack of coffee.

go chat in the advertising thread :)

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