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Discussion in 'Techie Discussion' started by CorNokZ, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. CorNokZ

    CorNokZ Currently a stay at home dad

    When I try to enter DAoC, my computer just pops out of it... Sometimes i can make it to the char select, but when i select 1... POP :eek7:

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, CorNokZ
  2. tRoG

    tRoG Fledgling Freddie

    It's a bit hard to work anything out with out specific details - what graphics card, operating system you are using, etc.

    Also, does this happen in any other games?
  3. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    And they say that Artificial Intelligence is a way off... ;)

    As tRoG says, details about what your system is are going to be necessary to give any kind of useful answer.

    Processor (make/model)
    Processor cooler (if known)
    Motherboard (make/model)
    RAM (quantity/speed)
    Graphics card (make/model)
    Windows version.

    Any overclocking?

    Also, have you installed anything new? Applied any patches to DAoC or Windows?
  4. CorNokZ

    CorNokZ Currently a stay at home dad

    My computer is like this:

  5. CorNokZ

    CorNokZ Currently a stay at home dad


    I have windows 98
  6. CorNokZ

    CorNokZ Currently a stay at home dad

    Im sure now!

    Now im sure of what my computer contains... Just splitted it :)

    -Pentium III
    -Intel FANcooler
    -128mb ram
    -win 98
    -SANDMAN netcard
    -no overclocking
    -GForce 2
    -applied the new patch 4 DAoC(of course)
    -I don't have any other online games, so I dont know if it's just DAoC, but all my other games are working fine.

    Thanks 4 your help, and intrest!

    Cya CorNokZ
  7. jaba

    jaba Fledgling Freddie

    Has this only just started happening recently? what have you installed lately?
  8. RandomBastard

    RandomBastard Can't get enough of FH

    Not heard of the edit button? rather than pasting an additional two unnecassry posts?

    Oh and heres the obligatory, its cause daoc is crap comment, daoc is crap. there got that out the way.

    Have you updated your gf2 drivers recently? and did this problem occur straight after you installed the daoc patch.
  9. CorNokZ

    CorNokZ Currently a stay at home dad

    I just...

    ... bought a used comp.. And its gr8, but when i installed DAoC, it wouldn't work. It never did. My old comp(which sucked way more), had it running with 56k.. Now i got 1bit.. So its not my internet... And yes I just installed a new driver..

    Thanks 4 the help and intrest

    Cya CorNokZ

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