Wave to Ingvilds and crew


Talann Nastyman

Enjoyed your camp of atk this evening. Especially when you, Nilvaug and Moloko wee mezzed, I PA'd you in one shot (which didn't use my poison up), then hit Nilaug for a few hits with poison - soon dead. I don't know what Moloko was doing but he wasn't watching you too get killed and since he has poor stealth was easy to see and engage.

I enjoyed it when Moloko fell - apart from the initial mez I had no other help (unfortunalety getting 12rps for the three kills).

After that just managed to kill you again when you returned, everyone else took our bornfor et al leaving me to BSII you.

Oh and why wait all those times for the rez? - I was having fun with Nilemz always trying to come and rez you - a little predictable but was most enjoyable.

Talann Nastymann - thrust envenom infi
Talum nastyman - slash crit infi.

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