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Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by Artifex_ASC, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. Artifex_ASC

    Artifex_ASC Guest

    I wanted to see what everyone would think of using ProMod for the ladder tournaments here. For those that aren't familiar with it, ProMod is a mod that I wrote that, in short, replaces all of the buggy code and randomized algorithms in jk2's saber combat with solid logic that relies solely on player skill and input rather than on randomized number generators and bug exploits.

    ProMod's purpose is to replace the official version of the game in competitive and professional play. I am already in talks with several other jk2 tournament organizers around the world to have ProMod used as the official competition mod.

    ProMod's been well received by the community in the forums, and has anywhere from 12-20 servers running around the world. This stems from there never being any "fluke" victories in ProMod. If you lose, it's because you screwed up. If you win, it's because you played more skillfully than your opponent. There are NO randomized results in ProMod. What's more, you can see this as you're playing. There are several new HUD elements all tied to a new "Combat Strength" paradigm, which governs whether you have the skill to block, parry, knockaway, or break the defenses of your opponent. After you play for a while, you'll realize that you are having to think much more about what you're doing with your saber. Anyone who just runs blindly at their opponent while laying about with their saber will get quickly dispatched by a more experienced player.

    Again, all of the weird saber bugs that many have become familiar with in the official versions (1.02-1.04) are completely fixed in ProMod. No longer will you swing your saber at someone's exposed back and have them mysteriously block it while facing the opposite direction. Backflipping off of a wall still requires a double-tap of the jump key, but now backflip kicking someone directly in front of you only requires a single tap.

    There are many other changes. Check out the official site for download links from all the major jk2 mirrors and a complete Beta 2 strategy guide detailing just how deep and involving saber combat has become.
  2. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Promod?!? Yeah I've heard of it but never seen it in action.

    I'll be 100% honest

    We dont have much control over the servers. And getting Promod on them for the sake of one week in 4 may be a little difficult. As it stands we need to use a rcon script to costomise the servers for anything other than TFFA. But I'll admit I haven't really looked into the issue, maybe we could get BW to setup different configs depending on the gametype. I'll send some emails

    Is promod server side or do clients need it to be installed on their PC's as well? If you could give me a link to a copy. All I can promise is that we'll have a look at it and if feasible (because of the CTF TFFA and 1v1's) all using the same servers. We'll see if it can be implemented.

  3. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    nope i dont think promod will be any good for duelsday m8
    for one you need to download the mod to play on the server if we did this would mean ME having to email every one at the risks of not getting though to every one :( so its a bad idea
    + all promod dose is change some cvars and add a few more bits to your hud with the off def metears kinda pointless if you ask me
  4. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    LOL That settles it then :p

    Phew I thought I was in for even more work for a sec :p

  5. Artifex_ASC

    Artifex_ASC Guest

    Actually, everyone could download the proper files from the server, as the whole mod's only ~750k.

    *cough* *choke* Had this been the case, I could have written the mod in a day, not in the 2+ months it took me! This is not a cosmetic mod! The changes made amount to a complete recoding of the saber combat logic, yet the skills you use to increase your combat effectiveness are the same skills you've been using ever since DOOM: aiming and moving. No extra buttons to bind. No commands to memorize. Easy to play, hard to play well. Isn't that what every game should be?

    If you give it a shot, you will notice the difference very quickly, or probably have it forcefully taught to you by one of the more experienced players. :)
  6. mike-c

    mike-c Guest

    tbh, the leagues are about how well people can compete at playing jk2, not a modified version of it.

    We're not talking about bwjk2lpromod here :rolleyes:

    Especially for duelsday, changing the saber code could completely change the outcome, and as the season has already started in that case, it would be a BAD idea.

  7. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    i don't care about promod leagues :)
    maybe you could find a gsp to host a promod League but i dont think BW will do this

    Also the bwjk2l is kinda the last game to get the BWL treatment but hopefully there will be some Kewl mods out soon for jk2 that can be added to a League Style of gameplay and yes promod is a good IDEA for a league but its early days now
    tbh im waiting on a sabercombat mod that improves on the combat looks and styles of play as sabercombat now is at this moment a bit like button bashing to see who can do the most dmg first also it seems that there is no mods out there that can prevent them Script move hack things like single buttong DFA n shit maybe that would be a good idea :)

    shame there isn't a stealth mod our like sneek around killing in a tenchu style

    the Team fortress mod is needed for jk2 BUT not the one that the so called jedi fortress team want to make COs there Dreaming now :)

    [Gray carrys on chatting bollox but with a little bit of editing its cut down to this last sentence]

    and thats all i have to say about MODs.
  8. Artifex_ASC

    Artifex_ASC Guest

    Points taken. Hopefully, one of the later versions will change your mind. Beta 3's just around the corner. I'll make sure to post and let you guys know once it's out.
  9. S3-FluKe

    S3-FluKe Guest

    I've always found promod interesting but I dunno about using it in a league.

    The BWJK2L admins have too many leagues planned with hardly enough server time to get round it all at the moment.

    Blueyonder were pretty keen on promod, I'd talk to them about it.

    PS. This is the last BL? Why? Not profitable enough for GAME($_$)? :(
  10. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    No BF1942 or what ever the games called is going to have a league, but it's going straight to p2p i think. As with any new games out there maybe even UT2k3 :(

    BW Are making the leagues p2p but we dont know anything more. No idea how much it is to subscribe, prizes, wether its clan signings or individual (that could really feck Duels Day :-/) etc.

    Anyway, its not looking good for the BWJK2L at the moment. But at least we'll get season 2 played. I dont think they could force p2p half way through a season :)


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