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Dec 22, 2003
I'm helping a friend upgrade his CPU at the moment.

He is running a Asus A7N266-C (PCB v1.03) motherboard with the latest BIOS. Currently he has a AMD XP 1700+ that is working just fine.

The other day he bought a XP 2600+, but didn't realise it was a 333MHz chip. Needless to say the chip was only detected as a 1800+ or something. On returning that chip he decided to get a 2400+ 266MHz chip.

On installing this chip I get nothing. No post at all. According to the Asus site the chip is compatibly. We've replaced the chip once already, thinking it may be duff.

The strange thing is that even the 2600+ posted. This won't even do that and sometimes when you turn it on it'll power up for half a second and then die completely for about 5 seconds.

Now this said to me that it could be the chip overheating straight away. But as I said, the 2600+ posted fine with the same thermal compound and heatsink combo.

I'm completely stumped here and the only thing I can suggest is to replace the chip again.

Any help? Oh, also I haven't got a spare board to test the chip in here unfortunatlety.

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