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Discussion in 'Albion' started by old.GeForce, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. spacedreamer

    spacedreamer Guest

    Spacedreamer===> LGM Armorer
    /houseface 583
    #6 Reilly Dalton
  2. savanna

    savanna Guest

    CM open 24 hours
    Revington No. 1 Caerwent
    (horse to Itis)
    /Houseface 20

    Savanna 50 Therg
    Santanna 50 Arms
    Andaste 50 Necro
    Huffle 50 Ice Wizzy
    Sneakling LGM Fletcher
    Serennity Sorc
  3. Gorse

    Gorse Guest

    At Lot 164 you will find LGM fletcher + LGM tailor + AC+WC + Sidi items + respecc stones + rare drops + ROG items
  4. old.Zarko

    old.Zarko Guest

    LGM Armor Crafter
    no#7 Arncliff, Caerwent
    /houseface 188

    Got all parts of 99qua Chain at CM and a few MP parts atm.
  5. chretien

    chretien Guest

    Chretien LGM armourcrafter and Thidranki weaponry for sale
    /houseface 135 Twistleton in Caerwent

    Ederillan LGM Alchemist
    /houseface 169 Waterford in Caerwent
  6. Sparda_soul

    Sparda_soul Guest

    House 571

    Legendary Master Fletcher ( takes MP orders)
    Alchemist (mostly lvl 20 pots n stuff atm, great for thid)

    Merchant updated every day, also selling high level RoGs and drops
  7. Gizmoduck

    Gizmoduck Guest

    Zea Tailor
    Gizmo AC
    Qosh Alchemist
    Cabbina SC
    All LGM crafters

    In sevencity (Middleham/Rilan)

    Lot 203

  8. Duzzy

    Duzzy Guest

    LGM Weaponcraft

    720+ Alchemy

    lot #10 Hoghton, Caerwent
    /houseface 30
  9. Zagantia

    Zagantia Guest

    Cougar Venatici - Legendary Fletcher
    5 Norwood

    /houseface 562

    99% Instruments and staffs in stock on CM
  10. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    /Houseface 242

    LGM Spellcrafter
    Spellcraft Merchants and Table, Open to Public
    StoneLeigh in Rilan

    Also my Loverly CM with lots of nice items :D
  11. krait

    krait Guest

    /Houseface 22

    LGM Fletcher,Armoursmith,Weaponsmith,Alchemist,Spellcrafter,Tailor.

    8 Hoghton,Caerwent.

    Soon to be fully stocked CM (Hopes)
  12. Kyra, LGM Tailor (yes I take mp orders, no I don't keep mp's on my merchant)
    Choppy, LGM Spellcrafter

    /houseface 465
    lot #9
    In lovely Wickham, Dalton. (closest horse is Alamander)

    TDS house is
    /houseface 545
    lot # 6
    In scenic Geldwine, Dalton (closest horse is also Alamander)
  13. cHodAX

    cHodAX Guest

    Eek! Kyra only lives 4 doors away, better close the windows before she starts her peeping tom routine... :p
  14. Gimly

    Gimly Guest

    LGM Fletcher

    Plot Number 2, Branwyn / Dalton, /houseface 453

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