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Discussion in 'Albion' started by old.GeForce, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. old.GeForce

    old.GeForce Guest

    Would be handy to have a Trade Address Book for those crafters who use their merchants to sell crafted goods in foundations. The point of this is to make our services more known to those looking for crafted goods from the housing merchants... Hence why I'm doing this thread

    The easiest way to do this is just to post the following information below:

    Name, Tradeskill (with skill), Plot Number, Area, Zone, House Number (For /houseface #)

    LGM Weaponcraft
    no#1 Eccleston, Caerwent
    /houseface 9
  2. Roalith

    Roalith Guest

    Roalith, Legendary Armourcraft & Fishi, Legendary Fletcher
    No. 9 Eccleston, Caerwent
    /houseface 1
  3. speshneeds

    speshneeds Guest

  4. gwy

    gwy Guest


    dami you didnt tell us you had lodgers - or are they squatters ?
  5. Lam

    Lam Guest

    Ulflam, Legendary Tailor, Plot Number 1, Branwyn / Dalton, /houseface 452
  6. Amanita

    Amanita Guest

    Aurian, LGM tailor lot 2 Geldwine, Dalton
  7. Roalith

    Roalith Guest

    Physical address and lot number are two different things. Damionus and my houses are awkward because they have opposite numbers - but to clarify:

    To use the /houseface command you enter the lot number.

    Damionus owns lot number 9, the physical address of which is No. 1 Eccleston.

    Fishi and I own lot number 1, the physical address of which is No. 9 Eccleston.

    If it makes it any clearer - the Utopia guildhouse, for EG, is lot number 265, which is in Nappa, Rilan.

    So, to face My/Fishi's house from anywhere within Foundations, you would type /houseface 1. To face Damionus', you would do /houseface 9. To face the Utopia guildhouse, you would do /houseface 265.

    Sorry for the confusion :p
  8. Olezdad LM SC
    Bersac LM tailor
    Ulea LM tailor
    Shani LM WC
    Prop LM AC
    Renyc LM alc

    we take orders :D

    Lot 167 in Waterford
  9. Artherk

    Artherk Guest

    Artherk, Legendary Tailor
    House #7, Norwood, Dalton
    /houseface 564
  10. ahunter

    ahunter Guest

    Ahunter and Ahunts Lidam
    LM Armorer & LM Tailors available

    /houseface 425
    Jeneva lot 2, Dalton
    Nearest horsie yard Kylen
  11. Wibbler2

    Wibbler2 Guest

    Wibbler Lidam
    Fletcher - 700
    Weaponcrafter - 560
    Spellcrafter - 570
    /houseface 429
    Jeneva lot 1, Dalton
    Nearest horsie yard Kylen
  12. naetha

    naetha Guest

    Arianrhod - LGM Tailor
    Isonar - LGM Alchemist
    Isno - LGM Weaponcrafter
    Sorus - LGM Armourcrafter
    Seaotter - LGM Fletcher
    Jessy - LGM Spellcrafter

    All can be found at plot no. 3, Geldwine, Dalton.
    /houseface 536

    Our quality merchandise is for sale at very reasonable prices from our charming consignment merchant :D

    Sorus can also be found at plot 7, Geldwine, Dalton
    /houseface 532 :)
  13. gwyneth-love

    gwyneth-love Guest

    Armorcrafter Drizzt at lot number 69 .. also selling respec stones.
  14. Caroc

    Caroc Guest

    Caroc LGM armorer
    Lot number 430
    get horse to Alamdar at Dalton market
    across the river from Dalton market
    /houseface 430
  15. Tafaya LGM Fletcher
    Lot number 162
    Waterford no. 4, Caerwent
    /houseface 162
  16. Xravius

    Xravius Guest

  17. ele

    ele Guest

    Elefair 1165 Alchemist
    Bojwolba 1049 Fletcher

    (business closed, account retired <not deleted>)

    Also have a guildhouse at Dalton/Helena/no10/houseface 401
    most of our guild crafters are based there..just giving them a plug.
  18. GReaper

    GReaper Guest

    Ouroboros Quality Crafting!

    • LGM Tailor
    • LGM Fletcher
    • LGM Weaponcrafter
    • Senior Alchemist

    Rylestone, Caerwent - /houseface 78

    Currently stocking plenty of power pots available at a reasonable price. Should be about 60 available if the merchant is fully stocked. :)
  19. cHodAX

    cHodAX Guest

    Dargo - LGM Fletcher taking orders at plot #468

    Deverau, Dalton
  20. LGM Fletcher, Rilan, Middleham House 5, Plot 209. End/Pow potions always instock

    Also the Whole Seven village has a wide range of crafters
  21. Xeth

    Xeth Guest

    Rilan - Dibble's Bridge - House 2 - Plot 287

    LGM: Tailor, AC, Fletcher, WC, Alchemist

    Atm: Alchemist stuff and rogs....
  22. frogster

    frogster Guest

    LGM AC,SC, and Tailor at

    Frogs Pad

    Number 1
    CA1 3CE

    lot 150
  23. darzil

    darzil Guest

    Darzil - Legendary AC
    No 1, Jerrick, Dalton - /houseface 442

  24. LGM Tailor
    7 Helena
    /houseface 407
  25. jayjay

    jayjay Guest

    Muddry & Wierd
    LGM Tailor & LGM AC

    Da little cottage nr.5
    Revington, Caerwent
    /houseface 14
  26. Lochlyessa

    Lochlyessa Guest

    Lochlyessa, LGM AC, soon lgm alch on Sixth ;o
    /houseface 44, Eastby ^^
  27. Moth Twiceborn
    LGM WC
    Nuriko Sixer
    LGM Tailor
    #10 Whernside (Lot 221)
  28. Cybwyn

    Cybwyn Guest

    House 8, Glenn Abbey, Rilan

    /houseface 302

    Legendary Tailor
    Cloth, Leather and Studded 99s
    A few MPs there atm (namely L51 leather gloves, cloth boots and robe)
    Some ROG items
    Ogre's Might rewards (bracer, belt and puzzler's globes)
  29. sans_pite

    sans_pite Guest

    Carvoda. LGM AC.
    Alazif. Tailor.

    #361 Rilan.
  30. _dreads_

    _dreads_ Guest

    LGM tailor

    LGM SC'er

    Trader of things:D

    /houseface 545 Geldwine Dalton Next to SS guildhouse

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