Tower retake, no rp points?


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
Ok, iam playing this game from scratch but in siege warfare iam a noob.

So this evening i went out with my warrior and shaman for some tower retake practice. Darn at the first tower i forgot to buy a planing tool so i couldnt set up a ram, the tower was claimed and while slashing the door with only my sword the Albions who claimed that tower were alarmed and killed me when the door was 25% or so.

So i went to another tower, unclaimed this time with the right equipment with me and after killing the guards and moving around in circles for some time with my first builded ram i finaly managed to break the door, killed the tower captain and retake the keep. So far so good but... I didnt get any rp points for it? So much work for so less reward, i can remember getting rp points for succesfully defending a tower but retaking doesnt give rp points?

Enlighting me please.


Fledgling Freddie
Apr 3, 2004
you only get rp for taking towers if there is at least 1 defender in it..
same with defending..
and the more defenders there are, the more rps the tower worths.
i believe its even same with keeps.

ppl who actually take unclaimed/undefended towers are doing that because the enemy will try to retake it from them, so they'll have lots of attackers->farm them

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