Thief In Knights Of The Round Table

Discussion in 'Albion' started by Freestyle, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Freestyle

    Freestyle Guest

    Today i was making a simple money transfer from my main in Alb/Prywden to my alt.

    First i present myself, Iam Hypnotik (Paladin) from "Disciples of Aldur", and my alt is a Necromancer called Sadman.
    Im too Freestyle 50 Hunter and many others in Mid/Excal.

    A guy called Davlour from the guild Knights of the Round Table accept my money, and wait my log. When i log my alter he ran, i ran behind him yelling: Hey!!!, and he dissapear.

    Thanks to God a guy called Peacebringer from his guild who was crafting there give me the money back again.
    But i think a Guild have to look for this peps, this is not kind, it was a few gold ok, but WTF!?!?.

    Thanks for hear me.
    Remember Davlour (Hope no more in Knights of the Round Table)

    Freestyle THuNDeR Hunter <White Rose> Mid/Excalibur
    Hypnotik Adhemar Paladin <Disciples Of Aldur> Alb/Prwyden
    Lokidancer MidnightSun Shadowblade <White Rose> Mid/Excalibur
    Sadman BlackRose Necromancer Alb/Prywden
    Floe SuPeRNeNa Healer <White Rose> Mid/Excalibur
  2. Mr TNT

    Mr TNT Guest

    thats 2nd best to the guy who asked a lvl 50 if he could take some ss of the stats an ran off with his epic armor lol
  3. SilverHood

    SilverHood Guest

    stick the guy on your friends list...

    hada guy nick a cloak for my alt once... wasn't anything special, but it was the principle of it... everytime he logged on, I was on about my cloak... got my brother to log in using all his alts and bugger him too, saying eh would never xp with anyone, etc.

    eventually he handed back the cloak :)
  4. Gizmoduck

    Gizmoduck Guest

    And what can you learn from this???

    NEVER transfer things with the "help" of people you DONT know.

    Always try use guildies or at least people you "know".

  5. jodster

    jodster Guest

    That seems unfair...

    Not trusting people you don't know seems a little out of context of the 'game'

    I've transferred crafted items, money etc through loads of people I don't know, and never had a problem, and also done the same for others. Obviously you tend to use friends if there around but only because it feels fairer to ask friends than potentially put out a stranger.

    That said though, this game is about interaction with others, and as such I think the only lesson here is that there are some sh*tty people in the world and they play on-line games too. Most people wouldn't dream of doing such a thing so carry on, just don't use that person again, and don't transfer everything in one go :)

    PS Of course if that player was a rogue-based class and role-playing, then in fairness it would seem to be almost proper behaviour.

    Jod, Sorceror Primus (occasionally)
    And various others as the mood fits!
  6. Kahland

    Kahland Guest

    Stealing is breaking the CoC. BAN! :>
  7. Meatballs

    Meatballs Guest

    Maybe he transferred the cash to Peacebringer to give to you, and went off to do something else?
  8. Balbor

    Balbor Guest

    i always transfer with either people in my guild, people i know well or people from the well know guilds like PL, LOE, OOTKT etc becuase they have a good rep. I had an item nicked once, but someone that stood over the people i was swoping with, it was only a Molded cloak and he was unguilded so i didn't bother about doing anything
  9. -Nxs-

    -Nxs- Guest

    Its not steeling, the first character offered the second character some money and clicked on ACCEPT, thats the way the CoC/EULA determin this.

    Always trade through your guild, or with someone know know or trust... if there not around - then just wait.
  10. Danya

    Danya Guest

    I trade through my buffbot, it's safer. ;)
  11. Jonaldo

    Jonaldo Guest

    Simple, never trade with an alb, they aren't to be trusted. That includes my current chars also :p
  12. Heffer

    Heffer Guest

    Peacebringer is one of the most friendly people in teh game, and there are a few 'arseholes' out there! be aware
  13. spathi

    spathi Guest

    Erodafira runs off with my transfers all the time :p <waves fist>
  14. Jebelious

    Jebelious Guest

    its sad when people need to do things like that really , you have to pitty them as they dont want to do any of the hard work them selvs.
  15. toxx

    toxx Guest

    As much as i find people stealing gold very sad, petty, and downright tiresome, i'd have to say that making this thread was a bad idea.

    Name and shame the person who stole your gold, but to include his guild too? that kinda puts a bad name on them, and seeing as Peacebringer gave the gold back, i dont see the reason to name them.

    Anyway, i think its a good thing people know not to trust this person, but dont let his actions effect your opinion of his guild.
  16. _anarky_

    _anarky_ Guest

    Well, not wanna be rude or anything, but if the guild recruited that member, dusn't that mean he represents that guild in his deeds, and if he steals something, he does that while representing the guild he's in
    (not saying KotRT is a bad guild, but thats just my opinion about it) :)
  17. knudden

    knudden Guest

    maybe he was a rogue class and roleplaying?
  18. Fafnir

    Fafnir Guest

    I don't understand people who do this, i remember once i was handed 20p worth of metal, wood and leather. I never had a thougth of stealing it. What would that give me? 20p and a very, very bad rep. Well i went ld when he was logging his crafter on. So he was very nervous when i got back, but hey he gave me 99% weapons from lvl 20-40 for free. And still buy weapons from him at a dam decent price, just pity he is not playing that often.
  19. wyleia

    wyleia Guest

    High levels of the better known guilds are better for xfers... Just some random lowbie and he might think woot 20g! lets ruin my reptuation to steal this.. err kk :)

    Next time just ask a level 50 of a well known guild if you can find one, Ive never heard of this happening :/ and sorry it happened to u,.. even tho u got yer money back it sucks to try to trust someone and them do that to u
  20. Freestyle

    Freestyle Guest

    1.- btw he was not a Rogue class, he was a Paladin (yes a Pally, the good-maker class).
    2.- I dont wanna give bad reputation to guild, i wanna this guy loose the honor of be in this guild. I know good peps of that guild, thats why i was so angry.

    Freestyle THuNDeR Hunter <White Rose> Mid/Excalibur
    Hypnotik Adhemar Paladin <Disciples Of Aldur> Alb/Prwyden
    Lokidancer MidnightSun Shadowblade <White Rose> Mid/Excalibur
    Sadman BlackRose Necromancer Alb/Prywden
    Floe SuPeRNeNa Healer <White Rose> Mid/Excalibur
  21. tallwiz

    tallwiz Guest


    being an officer in KOTRT, i wasnt best pleased finding out that a thread had been posted about a member in our guild. the correct way to go about these things is A/ contact an officer in your guild and explain the situation. B/ ask that officer to contact an officer from the characters guild. has there may be a simple explanation. neither of these 2 things where done, Peacebringer is a dear friend to all in the KOTRT and other guilds, and he did the right thing by giving you, Hypnotik 100 gold for the few pieces of gold you "HAD STOLEN".
    Davlours defence.... he has been in the game 3 days, period. never played any other servers, hell he doesnt know what things do and where to put things in is quickbar from, we in KOTRT have been coaching him for 2 days now and he is coming along nicely thank you. if he did has you say and ran away, then we shall have to have words with him, but his story goes a little like this, he was aproached in open chat, with other peeps around, and asked to passed some gold to an alt of Hyp's, which he accepted, Hyp logs, never said who was logging in. (and that has been done to me on loads of occasions) the peeps that where around Dav where saying they where Hyp's alt, Dav became confussed, (i would) Dav asked for Hyp to log back in and he would give him gold back, Hyp never showed up. since Peace had given Hyp his money, Dav has told me that Hyp has been asking where his gold is, i think you where paid back 10 fold m8, Davlour is really upset with this, has he has only been a member for 2 days and didnt want any hassle. i have told him not to accept anything from anyone unless its a gift from now on, i am not sideing with either, but i thought it was bad sportsmanship to blast it all over a forum b4 speaking to someone about it. so, thanx everyone for your bad remarks regarding a VERY n00b guy, and i would like to hear from an officer of DOA pls. btw happy birthay wtg scunner m8

    Tallwiz 46 fire wiz 875 tailor
    Talldisciple 48 deathsight/servant necro
    and others
  22. lofff

    lofff Guest

    lol thats way low.. sad.. :doh:
  23. davlour

    davlour Guest

    The truth and nothing but

    Hynotek this is davlour, I heard that a link was put on here about my name.

    Im not a theif and never have been infact im one for being against theifs and cheats in real life and in gaming, check out the blacklist all with evidence of me catching them cheating. im known as JTB

    Im a well known player on most games I play. I was invited to play doac with a friend my first night on and you pull a stunt like this im not a dumb guy I have a head on me, I catch up with things aswell.. as you see here. getting to the point I didnt steal you money you gave me 77 gold and left and didnt say anything. now I have learnt about transfers and where to talk ect. I would be happy to transfer

    but to my point the only player that hasnt been honest here is you hynotek. like parts of the whole story and not just parts you want others to know. you was given gold back,but later ask for the gold back after you told me peacebringer gave it back. u then went on too tell the world that im a thief and I stole your money dont you know that im new to the game, i've never played anything like this in my life.then to make matters worse i get players coming up to me treating me like im a thief after its all been sorted.

    Dont you think i have enough problems trying to work out how to play the game aswell as learning where to go ect, i can see where your loyalty stands in your pocket. your only happy to give digs at noobs but not take any yourself sending 3 players to duel me isnt really fair when there in there lvl 30's and im not even on lvl 10.

    so the points being

    1. im not a thief i didnt know how to transfer in the 1st place.a great player would've explained what to do.

    2. your not the great player you think you are by shaming a good guild over a simple misunderstanding. (a guild that has shown me everything i know in doac)

    3.your even lower than i thought if your sending players out to duel me. i was lucky to find out that they cant hurt me if i dont know how to accept a duel.

    4.Im thinking where ur loyalty stands when u change guild every so often. and then ask for money back again after you already have been given it and more...... was that to put to in your pocket i wonder

    5. peacebringer was offered 77 gold back from me in DF the other night be declinded it.

    any questions im happy to answer

    but dont you ever ever shame the knights of the round table! over a misunderstanding
  24. Tasans

    Tasans Guest

    All this for 77g?
  25. thegreatest

    thegreatest Guest

    Re: The truth and nothing but

  26. Addlcove

    Addlcove Guest

    Re: The truth and nothing but

    someone just pwned Hynotek ;)
  27. Scunner

    Scunner Guest


    Ok a few things need to be addressed here:

    Firstly i will apologise this should not have been done over a forum in this way and should have gone through the correct channels.

    Secondly, most of this seems to be a misunderstanding and now both are flaming each other. There is no further point to this.

    lessons learnt:

    Dont blast over a forum pls go through appropriate channels. I also ecpect this flaming to stop.

    Once again will apologise for anything that has occured because it was without my knowledge or teh Knowledge of DOA officers.

    If you got any further questions then pm me in game.

    Scunner lvl 50 Cleric RR5
    Salsa lvl 50 Scout RR5
    Merinor lvl 43 Wizard Noob
  28. Meatballs

    Meatballs Guest

    <hugs scwunner>
  29. jodieg

    jodieg Guest

    Just like to say that Knights of the round table aren't as great as they used to be. They also aren't what you think, there's a lot more going on than meets the eye. Before anyone moans I used to be on the GHC in them myself but left because of things I found out that I didn't like (I won't say too much) and a lot of the higher and longest guild members also left as well including many members of the GHC. There's too many over inflated egos there for my liking. :D

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