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Discussion in 'Command & Conquer Series' started by nabby19, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. nabby19

    nabby19 Guest

    thats cos c+c sucks.
  2. illu

    illu Guest

    Isn't the multiplayer beta of Generals out soon?
  3. FuZor

    FuZor Guest

    1. C&C owns
    2. Beta for Generals has been out for the last month
  4. Xavier

    Xavier Guest

    has it? we're supposedly the first group and only got code last week.
  5. kryt

    kryt Guest

    Earliest received beta CD's in the UK were friday just gone : 22.11.02. US people received them first on the previous Wednesday if my memory serves me. So no, they haven't been out a month.

    Damned good so far though, impressed me a lot. A bit to do for finalising touches etc, hopefuly the beta paves the way for proper balancing etc. Will certainly give the game the touch of "what the gamers want".

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