Wow im the first thread.

Discussion in 'Command & Conquer Series' started by old.plightstar, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. What can I say, I suppose thank you for this honor and the beat command & conquer has to be red alert 2, for the PC (cause c&c) is crap on consoles.

    But I like the mammoth mrk 2 and the ghost stalker.

    the best unit ever has to be Tanya:clap:
  2. Wij

    Wij Guest

    I prefer the Leiutenant bird. She looks well hot in the movie at the end of the Allied campaign on Yuri's revenge :D
  3. ]SK[

    ]SK[ Guest

  4. I havent played yuri's revenge yet, im a bit skint at the moment.

    I have seen the trailer and it looks great. So when I get some money i'll probably get it.
  5. bodhi

    bodhi Guest

    I still prefer Tiberian Sun. But I'm strange like that.
  6. Contary to popular belief, Tiberun sun is a good game, most people say its crap, but it is enjoyable to play, after it did introduce us to the cloaking facitiy, a great help when GDI forces are looking for bomb targets, and dont forget the drilling viechles.

  7. Wij

    Wij Guest

    cloaking ? wasn't that available in starcraft like years before ?

    yuri's revenge takes about 5 minutes to finish :(

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