The Rallying Call

Discussion in 'Albion' started by ilaya, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Kahland

    Kahland Guest

    i think it has something to do with him being a turd :<
  2. Mavl

    Mavl Guest

    just to clear things up... he was called a retard first.
  3. Donovan

    Donovan Guest

    Firstly i would just want to say that you have no reason whatsoever to call us things like that. Now please, if you can't understand it at frist, try again. Zergs are not the "real" purpose of rvr. We do not need zergs here on prydwen. It's not 5% of albion layers that are skilled in the game, and everyone else seem to have the same opinion though. We do not like zergs. So please. Go make your zerg somewhere else, since we do not want it here.
  4. punchy

    punchy Guest

    this thread... well fuckin lol tbh.

    This are a local server for local people. We dont loike your sort round these parts.

    OL OL OL
  5. hangianix

    hangianix Guest

    Thanks for quotes, he is on my ignore list and without you guys I couldn't have read it at all. ;)
  6. its true its not really meant for 1fg vs 1fg but...

    it becomes very laggy with many people, add to that the shitty framerate and the horribly unbalanced AE effects and RA's in big fights, ive seen first person shooters that run better with 32 vs 32...

    really huge army fights would be cool but it simply doesnt work in this game... they tried but failed, lets hope someday there will be a Dark Age of Camelot III where it will work...

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