The Rallying Call

Discussion in 'Albion' started by ilaya, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. ilaya

    ilaya Guest

    we got 3 alliances in albion domintaing everything atm yes.. SMALL alliances at that.. 4-5 guilds..

    i personally dont see point in 4-5 guilds being in alliance with some and not others... so here goes..

    as some of you may know i organised an alliance on hibernia/excalbur that totalled 20 guilds.. all of which had a hunger for game. after seeing some of the bullshit here i wanna do same here and bring a sense of community between guilds and alliances.

    i dont enforce many rules except the desire to play and play well..
    arsing about wont get u anywhere with either your guildies nor the alliance.

    ...and yes.. here's the bit some peeps wont like.. others wil LOVE.. we do alliance ZERGS.. everyone plays a part.. everyone get reward.. and to HELL with the mids and hibs.

    its the future.. deny it coz its prydwen if u will.. but if u do.. u may as well quit now, coz its coming, like it or not.

    its a call to arms for all you alb guilds who wanna do summit instead of being ignored.. to do something meaningfull.. and to do it well.. just like u KNOW u can.

    i've done it before.. i can do it again.. lets get this realm rocking together as ONE :D
  2. Yussef

    Yussef Guest

    Stay on Excalibur with the zerg forming imo :/
  3. Derric

    Derric Guest

    What's the reward for zerging? Is it the 2 realmpoints or the low fps? o0
  4. I dont see the need for a single alliance.
    When it comes down to it and there is the need for a realm-wide event, like a relic raid, these alliances have a reasonably good history of co-operation.
  5. Have to agree with Visit here. The advantages of a small alliance is a more free use of /AS, a friendlier atmosphere between its members and the alliance members get to know eachother better. And up to know the alliance leadres always had a way to contact eachothers incase of an emergency. (its called know your realm so you know who to contact)
  6. ironhand

    ironhand Guest

    If this is the kind of attitude u bring with you from Excal begone with you, if anything it will make us worse off. Tbh i quite like the :-

    because if you know anything about prydwen, its that we're not all mindless sheep (there are ofc exceptions to every rule), and most leading guilds and alliances wouldnt want to partake in that kind of militery dictatorship style of play. Even the most ridgid of our RvR guilds who work in well organised fashion wouldnt have any part in such childs play.
  7. [Oo]Escape

    [Oo]Escape Guest

    Which 3 alliances are dominating albion?

    The rest of your post doesn't sound like a serious proposition... it's almost offensive! oO

    Smaller alliances like the ones we have work better, guilds with the same ideals join together and spam in harmony. 'Zerg' alliances take away that freedom.

    ...and if someone has the smart idea of zerging without reason, I won't be there.
  8. Our alliance is like a big guild... and i like it...

    dont want to be in a big alliance with uberspam, or one in which no one is allowed to say anything...

    when a RR is going on the alliances contact each other, which works just fine...

    also, zerging is STUPID

    Reason: a very good one, it scares people out of the frontiers, zerg a group 2 times and they wont come back (i wont either).
    you will kill all groups in emain a few times (while gaining 30 rps each kill) and then its empty, wow thats fun........
  9. Lochlyessa

    Lochlyessa Guest

    Fuck off back to excal, zergling retard.
  10. Mavl

    Mavl Guest

    lol tbh... the guy proposed a single /as and all you can see is the world "zerg"... Thinking you are 133t does not give the right to call ppl retards.

    The single /as is nice, but ppl prefer smaller /as's because the comunnication is more relaxed and free and theres less "stop the spam ffs!"
  11. You obviously wasn't here when we had a large alliance.

    To be blunt: It sucked ass.
  12. Double post for the lose.
  13. ilaya

    ilaya Guest

    okay.. refer to this post in 3 months time whe u fucktards have learnt to play game properly.. coz i aint seen ANY evidence of it so far..

    might be a different server.. but the game is the same.. and it WILL end up in EXACTLY the same way as excalibur and peeps level up.. to deny this is to deny the right for other peeps to play the way they wanna.... server wasnt upgraded for fg v fg u retards.. so WHY u think it was eh? its coming.. be part of it or die in your 1fg v 1fg lameness..

    mids dont run 1 fg to emain do they? and why do u die u ask yourselves?

    either get with it.. or get ganked. but plz god DO NOT think prydwen is immune to zergs.. u are kidding yourselves.. and all this bullshit you are spouting also denies your guildies who WANT this kinda thing from actually taking part.

    its not ME who should go away.. its YOU.. go play something else.. let the realm vs realm battles begin.. like its supposed to be... and shove your non-zerg attitudes up your arses.. right next to your heads..

    to say i should go away to exc is rather insulting actually tbh.. since about ooo.. 5% of albion pop have a clue about what they doing?..

    do it well mind u.. but the rest.. might as well pay on their fucking x-boxes and get codes from the net. thats what they after. quick easy.. i wanna wtf pwn peeps.

    grow up. this is how things are gonna be.. denial makes u weaker for when it comes. you know i am right. like it or not.
  15. [Oo]Escape

    [Oo]Escape Guest

    ....I thought these forums were dead!!

    plz plz gifv more :D
  16. Pelinore

    Pelinore Guest

    We don't loik yaar sort 'rownd 'ere, see? We don't loik narn a' yaar fancy for'n nyew-fangled zerg in these parts.

  17. liste

    liste Guest

    with all due respect, your zerg alliance might have worked on excalibur, but the reason is, the other realms zerged as much as well making it a necessitity. That's not how prydwen works on most nights. Since early retail, albion has been divided in a handful small alliances, and has coop'ed reasonably well in bigger things. The difference is, people are happy with their alliances. Your proposition would quite simply make ALOT of people unhappy. Wether or not your idea works, does not make it a viable choice.

    omg flamefree reply :O
  18. Mavl

    Mavl Guest

    zerg = lag tbh, and if you want to deliberately create things like the moving oceans of brehons on excalibur that would not be a very good idea, also because it spoils the fun for others who travel in small groups. I still remember how pissed i was when 5 fg hibs were camping amg on excal every weekend.

    It depends on your definition of "zerg" tho

  19. sure sure, how typical, we dont like a excalboi's idea and so were the fucktard noobs because....... we dont like zergs? -.-

    no one in my guild is interested in zerging, if this became another excal me and alot of other would have already been gone here by now, dont come talk to us about how we should play it, we play however we want and it doesnt look like the majority here is interested in zerging..

    also if this becomes another excal ill be the first to quit, im not opposed to the 'MM' part in mmorpgs, but it simply doesnt work in this game for various reasons...
  20. Kahland

    Kahland Guest

    HAHAHAA LOLOLOL is diz guyz a PENIX OR WHATS?!"?!
  21. martok_

    martok_ Guest

    The only time Albion Zerg's On purpose is For Relics on this Server if you dont like it then Fuck off to Hib or MId or even Better Back to excal yes you organising the smaller guild into RvR would be good but to Make then the Zerg of Prydwen is just stuipid i know that me and alot of ppl irl who play this game on all 3 realms would say the same to you imo.

    Zergs are for Excalibour hell i dont like to admit it but a zerg on Prydwen is 2 fg's maybe 3 at most. keep takes and retakes can be bigger but for just running around the frontirs (Teach me English again!!!!) is pointless as already said i ppl would just logg onto an alt for an hour or so till the zerger's have become board.

    =============WE ARE NOT EXCALIBOUR==============
  22. Ezeine

    Ezeine Guest

    Still Zergion tho ;)
  23. Left excal after 100+ albs to take a normal keep started to be the norm :( Never have agreed with the no zergs please crap from the 1fg vs 1fg crowd, as that isnt what daoc was ment for.. But if pyrd turns into another excal im gone too.....
  24. old.ivan

    old.ivan Guest

    Tbh feck off to excalibur and zerg there. I wounder where you got all that "We demand zerg for teh people!!!" crap from. There are 2 differences between Excalibur and Prydwen, one being the server hardware and the other being the fact that IQ of typical Excalibur zergling = IQ of a cloned sheep Molly .... Oh and by the way, 1fg will become even more deadly than ragtag zerg in ToA with MLs.
  25. old.Sko

    old.Sko Guest

    the last statement is wrong as most mls are zerg oriented.
  26. old.ivan

    old.ivan Guest

    Panthers with healing sentinels, i thought these were group only :(
  27. gwyneth-love

    gwyneth-love Guest

    panthers been fixed right :O
  28. bigchief

    bigchief Guest

  29. Perhaps you might have put your case over better if you hadn't asked us to join you and then called us fucktards when we disagreed with you.

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