The Office Xmas Special - Top or Plop?

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Lester, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Lester

    Lester One of Freddy's beloved


    1st one took a while but the second made up for it. Huzzah for Tim and Dawn!
  2. Sar

    Sar Resident Freddy

    Missed the 2nd part.

  3. Lester

    Lester One of Freddy's beloved

    oops. Sorry Sar.
  4. Shovel

    Shovel Can't get enough of FH

    Missed the first part, thought the second part was pretty good.

    I'm not huge on the Office, I find a few tit bits very funny, and the rest I just vegetate through. The 2nd part was better than average though, so well worth watching.
  5. Patriarch

    Patriarch Fledgling Freddie

    It was brilliant. The present Tim gave to Dawn was so sweet, and it was great that they finally got together.
  6. Sar

    Sar Resident Freddy

    The god dammit was because I missed it, not cos of your post.

  7. exxxie

    exxxie Fledgling Freddie

    agreed... 1st part was a bit slow.. but Part 2 was brilliant. David Brent at the door waiting for his blind date... classic comedy moment, he doesnt need to talk after that line.. his face looking at the camera expresses everything.

  8. Whipped

    Whipped Part of the furniture

    Supurb. Thought they were going to make David break down again, but they just let him tell Finchey to fuck off. That was funny as hell.
  9. L_Plates

    L_Plates Fledgling Freddie

    Im not a mega fan of the office but that episode was great, shame it was the last :(
  10. Cask

    Cask Fledgling Freddie

    Only caught the last 20 mins of Part 1 and missed Part 2 completely but I liked what I did see. Just noticed the two parts being pretty well shared on Bitorrent (Am I allowed to say that on this forum?) so hopefully they're good quality :)
  11. leggy

    leggy Probably Scottish

    Ep.2 is definitely now one of my favourites.

    The scene in the pub where he meets his second date was classic.

    "of ffs"
  12. RandomBastard

    RandomBastard Can't get enough of FH

    I never really liked the office but the christmas special ones were quite good
  13. Aoami

    Aoami I am a FH squatter

    I thought it was really fantastic. It also shows theres a lot more to Ricky Gervais than just comedy.
  14. Bodhi

    Bodhi FH is my second home

    Didn't see the second one unfortunately, but I thought the first one was a bit poo. Wasn't hugly amusing (altho Davids music video rocked) - I remember only being in stitches once,and that was before the credits when David turned to the camera and said "I'm not a plonker".
  15. PR.

    PR. Fledgling Freddie

    Was brilliant!

    The 1st and 2nd dates were great :D
  16. Whipped

    Whipped Part of the furniture

    And when he sees the fat woman walking to the door at the party and says to her, "Sorry, I'm waiting for a blind date and thought you were her. Phew!"

    Pissed myself :D
  17. L_Plates

    L_Plates Fledgling Freddie

    LMAO indeed i forgot about that :)
  18. Dr_Gonzo

    Dr_Gonzo Fledgling Freddie

    I think the 2nd ep was the better of the two, but they were both quality. I like the fact they found Harold as well to be part of the Z list celebrity blind date thing, that was class. It was a great ending, much more upbeat than I'd expected.
  19. Patriarch

    Patriarch Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah the second episode was better than the first, but I loved both. I thought it was a shame that they didn't really set Gareth up for the future though.
  20. Meatballs

    Meatballs Loyal Freddie

    Its the little things that make the office brilliant...

    The woman crying at the christmas party after Oliver ("the office black guy") is tonguing some bird.

    Or keith nodding away in the background whilst djing :)
  21. Gray

    Gray FH is my second home

    I was the last part of the first one, but i caught most of the 2nd... I dont really usually go for The Office stuff but it was just so fun to watch. Might have to go and watch the older series to see what ive missed...

    The Dawn/Tim was good and i laughed when he was talkin to that BlindDate on the phone "You're not that nasty manager are you?" "me? no... oh gotta go now sorry!".....
  22. GDW

    GDW Fledgling Freddie

    Excellent finale. Thank god Tim and Dawn got together otherwise I would have file a complaint to the BBC
  23. bigbb

    bigbb Loyal Freddie

    I really bloody enjoyed these episodes. I was nearly in tears with laughter with that fat girl at the pub.

    Tim and Dawn, to echo other peoples thoughts, was a great ending. Really nice.

    What a great way to end such a brilliant programme.
  24. Wij

    Wij I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    'twas good.

    \o/ for Tim !
  25. SAS

    SAS Can't get enough of FH

    The first episode made me think the office was done and dusted, but come the second my faith was restored and it was back to the old office. Glad Dawn and Tim got together, and even David managing to pull, what an episode :)
  26. Sar

    Sar Resident Freddy

    Shall see it tonight, thanks to Mr Caskeh.

  27. Rubric

    Rubric Part of the furniture

    I thought they were both good but not as good as the first and second series. For me the charm of the office was that there were parts you could relate to in your own office. These were funny but in a purley David Brents a bit of a twat way. Oh and hurray for Dawn & Tim.
  28. Yaka

    Yaka Part of the furniture

    enyoyed the second part better, but cant help thinking it woulda been better if brent woulda topped himself rather than finding a woman. :rolleyes:
  29. Embattle

    Embattle FH is my second home

    Never watched them, although my sister does and she didn't like the first one and because of that she didn't watch the second one.
  30. Jonny_Darko

    Jonny_Darko Fledgling Freddie

    Totally loved it. The second one was much better, but then the first had "If you don't know me by now" which nearly made it the better ep. Oh, and loved the pregnant woman - met so many people like her before!

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