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  1. Deebs

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    It is not like we are entering an Ice Age. Get some heaters to see you into summer if you really want underfloor heating. Anyway you are from Up North, you don't feel the cold :p
  2. Scouse

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    I didn't tonight:
    View from atop Cadair Idris. No added filters!
    20200319_182508.jpg I'm damn well going to make more of this with it being on my doorstep.

    Well, as soon as possible :)

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  3. JBP|

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    Smart lights are great when you walk out of the kitchen with an armfull of snacks and stuff.
    Also pretty handy turning on downstairs lights from your bedroom if you have a habit of going for a stroll at stupid o'clock.
  4. dysfunction

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    I use my elbow to turn the light off
    I have a light switch at the top of the stairs for lights downstairs.
  5. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

    Feel like the edgiest of edge cases to me.
  6. Job

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    It very much depends on the house, older properties with thick walls and no cavity are often damp, keeping the heating on permanently is better because it dries out the walls, which keeps mould at bay but also vastly increases the insulation properties of the wall and means you need less heat once you have dried it out.

    Insulation is everything, modern houses with tiny rads running on 10mm piping are nice and warm while older houses with huge rads and 200 a month gas bills still feel cold.

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