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Discussion in 'Terran Republic' started by djohn2001, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. djohn2001

    djohn2001 Guest

    ALL Piolts of the TR i am calling upon yu to form a squadren of witch has never been seen.

    I would like all piolts to PM me if interested. or Send me a emain at

    The idea will be to meet on a regular basis and cause havok to the enamy from above. this will require expeinced and well practiced piolts. we will have to learn to fly in a formation and how to handle 1V1 combats to win.

    A secound duty will be to provide heavy fire support to the troops on the floor and provide cover to Galaxys perhaps a convoy of them to their required targets for our brave troops to get to the target zone.

    This is open to all piolts weather a Gal / Mosq / Reaver combine all 3 and we are uber.
  2. What is a piolt?
  3. [PS]Mung

    [PS]Mung Guest

    It's a dyslexic arsecraft drivel.
  4. I rest my case, yer honor.
  5. Sickie..

    Your such a bar steward.... :p
  6. And darn proud of it. ;)

    I am also the bar stewardess on Jup's Gal flights... he makes me wear a skirt and serve drinks to the rest of the outfit. :(
  7. Thrinnor

    Thrinnor Guest

    Only bloody thing you're good for ;)
  8. :eek:

    *starts whipping the Pengeling with teh Pimpstick(tm)*

  9. So, I deleted my Vanu character due to my outfit kinda fizzling out and joined a friend's Tr outfit.

    Oh dear.

    Depressingly the first guy seems to be a fairly intelligent example of the average TR player.

    Case in point; I parked an ams just down a slope by a base, started assualting, at which point a shedload of TRs respawned and then proceeded to stand along the bank shooting at the turrets with small arms fire drawing attention to themselves and the ams which was promptly blown up. I then receivied a tell from one of them telling me off for 'shitty ams plaecment (sic)'

    No wonder they get stuffed by VS and NC :/
  10. You should have joined NC. Werd.
  11. I will do once I've got TheTrMessiah to br20.

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