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Dec 22, 2003
Hi All,

I'm sure you know by my bl33ting on another thread that I'm with O2. I don't like using their box so used my old Netgear DG834G v2 which was fabulous until the power pack for it died. Well, I've finally picked up a universal power supply which works fine and have been using the router regularly for the past week or so. Strangely tonight, it started to have difficulties in that it seemed to keep dropping the internet signal: the green 'i' would disappear, then a flashing amber light, then it would go green for about 20 seconds and then it would do it all over again.

I've switched out the Netgear for the O2 box and it seems fine, so I doubt it's my internet. Any idea what's up with my Netgear?



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Dec 22, 2003
I had this with my sky netgear for a while, if I remember correctly my resolution was to call BT and have them run a line test. BT said the line was in poor condition and it turned out that where one of the neighbours had a phone line installed, the engineer did a shit job at the manhole street box. The poor engineer that came out to resolve my issues had to unravel the whole shooting match and redo every one of the neighbours lines from scratch and then test the lot. Haven't had an issue since.

So, basically start with the elimination of all factors. Also how long did you leave your O2 router on, might not be a fair comparison if not the same length of time.

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