Requiel has possibly awoken from his coma

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Bahumat, Oct 22, 2008.

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    I think what is more worrying, is that no one has questioned Roo on how he knew of this place.

    Serious questions folks.. serious questions. :p
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    Do you think Requiel should just start posting over here and fuck off posting on WHA? Makes sense to me! We can have tea, crumpets, chats about the SoTG.. :D I wonder if I'm in the SoTG when I puke and fart on one of my Guildees whilst tossing an axe at a Chicken.
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    I'm glad to see Requiel is still alive and he wasn't tortured too much by the crew at Mythic/GOA :). I know this thread is meant to be about Requiel only but I do feel the need to post about the thread that is linked.

    It's kind of disturbing that Mark Jacobs is so insanely defensive about comments made about the game. Everybody takes CEO and COO statements with a pinch of salt, they usually mean nothing. But by having such an extremely defensive response to Blizzard is foolish, it makes Blizzard's comments stand out like a sore thumb.

    I read through much of the posts in the thread on that forum, it had some good stuff, but it was mostly just a mess complaining about open RvR not being used and Mark being incredibly defensive. Mark's suggestion of creating a new server ruleset also made me go squemish, I wish Mythic would stop thinking "oh we have a problem, i know, a new ruleset will cure this problem!", it really doesn't work and should never be considered.

    I wish Mythic would also stop having the community response of "WoW players are noobs", Mark even uses the term "WoW-noobs" several times. I've played LOADS of MMO's including Legend of Mir, Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes/Villains and yes World of Warcraft and just because I've played WoW i'm a noob? It's insulting and that attitude will discourage players alot more than anything a Blizzard COO could ever say.

    Mythic should seriously stick to what they do best. They make a great game with superb PvP. I think their focus on rewards for specific things is good, but DAOC became brilliant for one sole reason, it's community. I love the community features that have been packed into Warhammer such as the living guilds, calendar etc. However a massive concern of mine is the amount of bugs all of these features have... Proper heraldry emblems not displaying, calendar events not being promoted, keeps costing an insane amount to maintain. All of these are concerns that are not being addressed and I believe if these things got addressed quickly it would go a long way to getting a community spirit together. It would also deal with the 'WoW-noob' aspect by guilds being active and socialising together and yes forming a Warband as a guild/alliance and going out into oRvR to take keeps.
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    ARGHHH!!!! My eyes! You dirty wow-n00b :p
  7. If only MJ was this passionate about daoc ;<


    I think it is good that Mark is out on grassroot levels talking to his community, I would deffo like to see more of this sort of things all around the industry. Havint the CEOs hide behind their community managers is just old - more communication is always better. And I think he shows some real dedication to the game by comming out like this, and even if the conversion gets abit stale at some points ( havn't read all the pages ) it is all in all a nice gesture. And if anything it would tell you the war community he cares alot about the game.

    Also he comes out like a real nice intelligent fella, wich can't be said about some of the CMs.

    Saddens me they made war and not daoc2 :l
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    The term WoW-noob doesn't imply that WoW players are noobs, it is just used for the group of players that are new to mmo’s and their first ever mmo was ofcourse WoW….
    mmo-noob would have been better, but let’s face it… WoW is what got a lot of gamers to try an mmo
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    WoW killed PC gaming
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    can some mod deal with all the useless spam in this thread?
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    This is after all the world's most serious thread upon which many lives depend.

    Back on topic.

    Which curtains are Magnus and Req going for?
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    Did your sense of humour die with your love of GOA?
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    Two for one offer.

    But really, the thread itself is pointless. If you had been paying attention this would have been obvious.

    1- There was no goodbye post, which IainC would have posted if he had left

    2- GOA did not start advertising for a new English CM

    3- Jacobs would have said something stupid like "We take a hardline on out of line comments, as born out by the recent departure of ..blah" because thats the kinda of PR nut case he is.
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    1. why would he post goodbye to the community he already insulted?

    2. they are hiring for a year or so

    3. you assume to much

    ian is a moving bomb.
    there were so many complains since he was gm in daoc

    he is in a position as cm and he knows he gonna get flamed, insulted for whatever reason. yet, he doesnt have the stomach to take it and ignore it, he gets irritated and he posts insults. how petty is this?

    he makes promises ( equal treatment), but when time comes he plays with words ( not identical).

    he clearly cant communicate with his coworkers in goa. 1 day before launch he said goa is ready to hold anything and the next day its a disaster.
    but he is excused, cause he is not even there. (rats leave the sinking ship first).
    who looks like an idiot? him or the rest of the team?
    the goa president apologized to the customers himself and we havent heard of ian since then.

    i guess he was given a big bubble gum, cause in his case he is better off chewing than talking
  15. pikeh

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    Petty? GOA were getting IRL death threats ffs. Who were the petty one's?
  16. Poag

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    1- Actually he only insulted the part of the community that was issuing threats to the GOA staff. I actually agreed with what he said about that part of the community being inbred mouth breathers facerolling there way along life threatening people from the safe anonimity of there PC chair.

    I know what happened on release day. probably alot better than most as its part of my job to test/implement/design and co-ordinate the releases of stock data...which is frankly vastly higher in QA time than Warhammer an extra 0 in ther..oh dear you've just bankrupted a country.

    So anyway, alot of the, and i'm gonna say it, adult community that saw all these insults and threats...agreed with him.

    2- They advertised for a year, recruited Magnus and then....stopped advertising!

    Dun dun duuuh!

    goa Jobs

    Wow that link took me a whole 30 seconds too find [bleeding slow webpage]

    3- All the times i've read Mr Jacobs comments i've gotten this feeling of "This is the kinda guy who will pile blame and then cut them lose". TBH when i saw MJs post about Iains comments I thought, hes gonna let Iain burn...and i'll bet he tried but the GOA directors wouldn't let him.

    Ok i'm gonna respond to this but this isn't just aimed at you its everyone really.

    Alot of people have this idea that IainC and Magnus are in some position of power within the company. Now i'm sorry to the two guys but, they are and they aren't.

    The job they do is one of, simply, go between. They attend meetings with support to find out about current problems and too report there own problems that the community finds, they get a notice from the PR team which they then release too us. I'm pretty sure they also make there own release up in time critical situation. They also get the company "line" from the PR and senior management and they have to run with this as its part of the information they are given.

    They are the brokers of community information, a single point of contact for the various teams within GOA so that there is a consistent line of information, between the dozens of backend teams, and us the community.

    Now onto the insults and threats bit. I am pretty sure Iain and Magnus knew full well they would be on the receiving end of alot of flak when something went wrong, that is simply, as put by alot of people...there jobs.
    However, as I understand it, they were not the only targets of said abuse. People behind them, the code jockeys, server monkeys, QA, web design, events etc they are all in there and stuff was directed specifically at them. They are NOT paid too take flak from you me or anyone execpt there bosses, and when these people get upset about what they are receiving, I'd feel well within my right as a member of the same team and co-worker of these people too take it personally.

    Thus, IMO, Iain was entirely right in what he said, maybe just not in how he said it.
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  17. Poag

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    Ok post longer than expected :/
  18. partyanimal

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    irl death threads by pinky, fluffybunny and kjdgfps were really serious threats.
    they are notorious gank members and fluffy is the kingpin
    i am sure goa hired an army of bodyguards after this

    are you losing link with reality?

    and especially IF you actually believe these were TRUE threads, would you enrage them more? would you be more arrogant?

    100% petty was a response by ian about scoring easy points to a manisch's post
    if you got @@, you would simply ignore this kind of posts
  19. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    Of course I fucking don't believe the threats were ever intended to be carried out, thats not the fucking point is it.
    Yes, IainC did not have to respond on a corporate level, but on a personal level, I don't fucking blame him.
    Theres a reason why IRL death threats get an Insta ban on these forums.
    Internet 'Heroes' sitting behind there desk, cock in hand, threatening to burn down the GOA HQ deserve every fucking bit of insult they get IMO.

    just one more fucking for luck.
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  20. MesS°

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    I agree with the idea of most of what you say. But this part I don't understand.
    1) Heraldry will first be displayable at guild rank 20.
    2) I don't know what you mean with the calendar not promoting?
    3) Keep maintainens cost is nothing when the bulk of you're players hit 40. I'm pretty sure we could uphold a keep indefinently, if it wasn't for Destruction thinking it was a bad idea.
  21. partyanimal

    partyanimal Fledgling Freddie

    no, he didnt have any right in saying anything other than goa was sorry for making promises they didnt keep especially after his post.
    he can think and say to his budies anything he really thinks

    whats the point in arguing in a forum with anonymous posters which can make multiple accounts with no cost?
    all the dirt has fallen on him

    he could ask the help of the admin to ban them as pikeh points out
  22. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    On point 1 read the actual mouseover tooltips for guild rewards at 15 and 20. It specifically says emblem on standards for GR20. The info for GR15 doesn't mention emblems specifically but does talk about having heraldry on cloaks. The name of the reward together with the tooltip is extremely unclear. I therefore queried this with GOA and they confirmed to me that emblems SHOULD be on cloaks at GR15 and thay they have submitted it as a bug to GOA. I think it's weird why you would have emblems on cloaks at 15 but not standards until 20, it just doesn't make sense, and personally I think it's GR20 for all. I just don't believe anything I have heard including the CSR from GOA. I'll try posting in the Q&A thread...
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  23. acei

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    Dervish answered 1 for me :)

    2. There is no pop-up or anything when a new event is posted, I know you can go to the calendar page and check it out, but how many new players even know the calendar exists? Some promotion would go a long way to making raids successful and also a little bit of a guide on how to use the calendar to it's full effectiveness for new players would go a long way to setting up successful RvR and PvE raids.

    3. Only if the guild is large, if the guild is small/medium the tax rate has to be probably near 80% or more to even stand a chance. Also the cost for T2 and T3 which is aimed at 10-20 and 20-30 are excessive in my opinion.

    Some additional things I think would really help with community building is promotion of alliances, many people who haven't played DAOC have no idea of the benefits that alliances offer.

    Another idea is to make Keep announcements not just faction based but the entire tier wide i.e. if a Keep in T2 Chaos is attacked only T2 Chaos is currently informed, i believe it would be alot better if it was announced to all of Tier 2.

    Warbands in oRvR are draining of such high amounts of XP/RP that alot of people choose to go solo, i think Warbands should receive a bonus to it's XP/RP variable to how many players are in the warband. I'm not saying to give more XP/RP than you would to a single group because that would be overkill, but the current minimal XP/RP for warbands really makes keep takes not too profitable unless you do manage to kill the Lord.

    These might seem like small and trivial things, but doing all of this would in my opinion have a large impact on the amount of people taking the time to enter oRvR.
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    Read what I said and don't misquote me please partyanimal. IainC responded, albeit in an unprofessional matter, to personal attacks.

    I don't blame him, and I'd think that if you were ridiculed, threatened and intimidated like he was, you would lash out.
  25. Belsameth

    Belsameth Tainted

    Just want to empathise this, despite the slightly over the top use of "fuck".
    While IainC shouldn't have said what he said, the backlash against him is way over the top. Especially concidering what some of the morons where shouting.
    Internet Trolls ought to get a medieval treatment imo. The verbal lashing IainC gave them was far too friendly :)
  26. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    Yeh sorry for the swearing, just get's on my tits. This subject has been gone over about 1000 times already, every single day someone mentions it.


    Sorry :(
  27. Belsameth

    Belsameth Tainted

    Yes, it is getting rather old. Fast.
    Then again. The FH community always has been kinda... *cough* different :)

    Then again. Most MMO communities are not much better.
  28. Jupitus

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    This I totally agree with. Personally, I would have banned anyone behaving like they did on WHA over the release, and I think IainC knows that on this forum he wouldn't have needed to say what he did over the crap that was posted, I'd have done so for him.

    I genuinely believe that in general we have a more mature and sensible community here (mostly ;)) and I would welcome IainC back posting here with open arms.

    Partyanimal - you're just a tosser, in my humble opinion.
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  29. Tallen

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    Yeah, FH rules, WHA sucks, you get a much better quality of asshat here :cheers:
  30. Succi

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    No professional would lash out, because thats your job. Any who do will obviously face the consequences.

    As you said, it was unprofessional and finally confirmed everyones suspicions about Requiel not being up to the job.

    The arguement has been done to death. Anybody who understands the job type will accept that requiel majorly dropped the ball (as MJ pointed out).

    Any 'I agree with him on a personal level' arguements are void, due to it occuring in the professional environment.

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