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question about BM

Discussion in 'Hibernia' started by chruxh, Jan 16, 2004.

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  1. Whisperess

    Whisperess Guest

    The fact is, he asked - doesn't that give you some clue that he wasn't sure about how they are viewed upon in the current state of the game?

  2. chruxh

    chruxh Guest

    Hi ho there, how's life treating you ? :D
  3. old.Xanthian

    old.Xanthian Guest

    What the fuck is wrong with people?

    He asked a perfectly normal question, whats wrong with giving him a decent answer instead of your usual egotistical bullshit Tyka?
    Has your bird not been putting out lately and you have to vent your anger on BW. (assuming you have one)

    When you planning to 'quit' again btw?
  4. old.Talivar

    old.Talivar Guest

    Wtf bottom of food chain!!!!!!:) Imo Bm always been ok its just recent that ppl have realised cus of det and tri-blade changes :)
  5. Whisperess

    Whisperess Guest

    Very very nice now tbh :)

    Aww, soz Tali :fluffle:
  6. old.Talivar

    old.Talivar Guest

    Hehe naa u was right tho 90% of daoc regarded us as gimps and bottom of food chain:) and hi :)
  7. VodkaFairy

    VodkaFairy Guest

    Playing two years means you hopefully know more or less how things go in rvr. You know group setups etc, you follow the latest fotm trends :rolleyes:
  8. cjkaceBM

    cjkaceBM Guest

    Yes and no.

    Is someone that knows the strengths and weaknesses of the class group friendly - YES

    Is yet another FOTMer who thinks that BMs are the WTFPWN class wanted - NO

    Play the class that appeals to you, don't focus on realm points, view DAoC as a distraction from the shitty side of life and that's far better than what the best class is.
  9. Divinia

    Divinia Guest

    and still we did BM grps and were concidered gimped.. we r0xx xD
  10. cjkaceBM

    cjkaceBM Guest

    LOL @ the muppet

    You mean perceived to be.

    Those of us who have played BMs for those two years always knew how good we were, it was other people who perceived we were shit. I lost count of the times I peeled agro from the healers, when we got a 10 knight/watcher/geist pull. As for in RVR, do you seriously think that the top 20 BMs got all their RPs since the TW boost. Most of us were RR5 before /assist trains were the way to go. Get a clue troll.
  11. zoia

    zoia Guest

    Bah, had a few beers so cba to explain, but i hope you see my point. :p
    Whisperess ment other people didn't think BMs was any good, or something.....
  12. Whisperess

    Whisperess Guest


    Pity that someone that's had a few beers can see things more clearly than you cj :/

  13. sh33py

    sh33py Guest

    BM's did suck, terribly, things like the zerk nerf, style reviews, det, etc. improved matters but light tanks all had major problems apart from zerkers in the beginning.. I had a BM on US release, think there was about 10 bms left on the server after Mythic admitted we were gimped then proceeded to do nothing about it for years, tri-blade on a 30 minute timer was/is bullshit compared to 7 minute zerkhell, but they got nerfed.

    Anyways, peeling aggro means nothing, spamming a taunt style with dual wield will nearly always do the trick and RR/RP's is a reflection on what groups you ran in, not how great your class was.

    Tell us about how you fared in duels with heros, warriors, pre-nerf zerkers etc. :)

    BM's are strong now but they certainly weren't 2 years ago.
  14. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Guest

    He plays Mid, not hib for 2 years and obviously doesnt know much about hib classes, hence the origional question.

    Not all daoc players are stat monkeys, some dont follow fotm trends because its not important to them, they enjoy playing the game and thats it (it is a game after all, or have you forgotten this?).

    All this guy wanted to know is will a BM be a good rvr character and he gets this kind of response.

  15. old.Reno

    old.Reno Guest

    I have to agree with Cjkace though.
    A lot about Bm sucking was due to perception and later on Berserker envy, the lack of understanding about game mechanics, not to mention the pace of the game.
    It had little to do with its damage output compared with heroes/champs.

    In the early days people had very bad equipment.
    Hitpoints were really low, resist were generally bad.
    Mez immunity was not there yet, no Ae radius fall off on mezzes, no RA's, defense in rvr didn't work.
    So a lot of people could be 1 or 2 shotted by 2handed users, and mages were king due to battle turning abilities like mez.
    In that age single big hits were the thing you wanted for rvr, any long fights simply didn't exist. So DoT was perceived as useless.

    But since the inclusion of first the epic zones, then DF, then mez changes, RA's, things started to look up for melee classes that delivered damage over time.
    One or 2 shotting people became harder and harder as people got better equipment, then healing got easier.
    Then everybody, not just the hardcore farmers, got good equipment with the arrival of SC.
    Finally even defensive abilities like guard started to really work.
    This meant that fights started to last longer and longer. Damage over time got more important, as did the ability to better bypass that now working guard.

    This all combined, contributed far more to the rise of the tank and the BM especially, then any changes made to the BM class.

    Does this mean that the BM sucked back then?
    Not in my opinion, you have to remember how really, really bad game understanding was back then. Really good and reliable test of abilities and damage only started to appear a year ago or so and by then the tables had already been turned into melees favour.
    So especially in the beginning ( pre 1.47 maybe) all judging of a classes strengths and weaknesses largely hinged on perception and some anecdotal evidence.
    As you should know, once the general perception is that something sucks, it takes really good evidence to convince others that it's not.

    Perception is king.

  16. old.Talivar

    old.Talivar Guest

    I beat 98% old pre nerf zerks in duels, beat almost every warrior before they got there boost and heros was 50/50.That was before bm got any love.:)
  17. cjkaceBM

    cjkaceBM Guest

    That must be the days when Talivar was the name to be feared if you were a solo enemy. :)

    Remember Nirali Three-Hands and the duel tourny outside TNN? When Wuren beat him because of a lucky crit and you gave him a serious arse-kicking!!!!

    Yes RPs were a guide to how good your group was, but do you seriously think BMs got groups because people felt sorry for them? The old style BMs knew their roles and played them well. We had no stun, our snare was broken but still some of us got groups, maybe because we adapted our characters to play the role they were best suited to.

    Duels don't count btw - in the first duel tourney organised by Deygos, I took the highest RR hero on, and when i died she had 10% hp left, having used FA, IP and moose.
  18. VodkaFairy

    VodkaFairy Guest

    He plays mid, says his main interest is rvr, I think that he should know tank groups run with bm's and not champions. And besides, you shouldn't play a class just because its fotm/wanted, you should play a class because you like it.
  19. azshara

    azshara Guest

    tali = gimpmaster imo :X
  20. sh33py

    sh33py Guest

    Yeah completely agree, everything back then was 1-2 shotted pretty much, especially champions pre-debuff nerf, con debuff+LW was complete ownage, 1-2 shot any caster same with spear heros, zerkers, warriors, polesmen etc.

    With the current game of buffbots, maxed resists, spread heals etc. and with light tanks having nice stun/snare styles it's far more balanced, but I never said that the only thing that changed BM's was direct changes to the class, because very little really has, the game has changed :)

    But the perception that bm's were gimped wasn't what made them gimped, the fact that their styles all sucked, they did pretty much the same damage over time as normal tanks i.e. spear heros and gave up massive amounts of defense to do so, especially considerng we're talking about when parry sucked.

    Bluntmasters had it somewhat better by using blunt styles because CD styles were so terrible but there was no real reason to choose BM over a hero, no charge back then either :)

    A lot of it was zerk envy true but light tanks had nothing to make them desirable over tanks, certainly not enough damage wise to give up that much defense, zerkers did but mercs/bm's didn't.. we were known as mana-sinks to healers cus whenever we got aggro our health plummeted :)

    Thats what I remember from the 1.45 days anyway, I quit after the BM love patch that gave us the magical sword crap on 30 minute timer, zerkers had a 7 minute timer and did more damage than us anyway, and we got a 30 minute timer hehe, don't think I'll ever understand that one.

    If you were high RR/buffbotted back then I'm sure you had it a lot better but the majority of us were newbies and didn't, and in the land of big damage tanks/zerkers the bm was pretty low down the food chain :p
  21. chruxh

    chruxh Guest

    You still dont get it do you ?

    And when your at it, is there an universal law thats made by you, that state that you have have to play a class that you like ? anyway i find most classes fun to play, no matter , its the game and the company that makes this fun to play.
    And what do you know about what i like and dont like ?

    Have to say that i'm suprised to how such a small question can make such an impact on some :D
  22. Amellisan

    Amellisan Guest

    BM is a good class, and has always been a good class- people just have chosen not to notice it :) Like all classes they have their downsides in RvR, but if you know how to play it right then you can dish out a lot of damage. Just make sure you get some decent RAs in there like PF and i think you will be ok :)

  23. VodkaFairy

    VodkaFairy Guest

    Just fyi I don't give a shit what you play for, what you like, and all that. Tyka gave you a decent answer in my opinion, and as far as i know its still allowed to have opinions.

    so qq and make another insanely useless reply so i got smth to laugh about :)
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