Profile Problems Within Autocad Architectural Desktop 3.3


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Dec 22, 2003
Hi Guys

I have a Profile / Menu Problem within AADT 3.3.

When I load up AADT 3.3 it loads up in the default manner. I have made some custom *.MNC & *.MNU files so I can have custom Menus :D

Well I loda these up in the normal way MENULOAD --> Choose file --> Load This is cool, it loads my files and I can work.

I want these to load all the time so I have inserted the path into the following areas in files in options.

Support File Search Path
Working Support File Search Path

I try and save my profile by Add to list it gets rid of all my custom menus and keeps the default ones loaded. :(

I have tried to export and then try, no luck. The paths for my *.MNC & *.MNU Files are in the file path as described above but they DONT load when I boot up AADT. The path is also pointing to my *.ARG file (Custom Profile)

What is happening?

Cheers :(

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