Price Check Cloth helm +dex

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Messiah, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Messiah

    Messiah Fledgling Freddie

    got this a while ago just wanna know what sort of price it would fetch

  2. Nichii

    Nichii Fledgling Freddie

    holy fuck o0

    nice dex cap.. but i doubt it'd be much more than 1p tbh, would'nt fit in anytemplate's with those stat's as a caster tbh.. there are more valuable stats, dex cap can be capped with arti's and nice toa drops :clap:
  3. Kais

    Kais Banned

    if it was on mid I would give you a LOT of plat for it :m00:
  4. Messiah

    Messiah Fledgling Freddie

    how can you say 1p :p this is like 3 immolated rings worth dex cap someone give me a Eriny charm and they can have it lol i wish
  5. snopy

    snopy Fledgling Freddie

    i give you 2p for it
  6. Ckiller

    Ckiller Loyal Freddie

    3p here fits good for pve
  7. Bugz

    Bugz Fledgling Freddie

    I think they mean the con cap and hits cap is kind of not put to use.

    1p isn't a right estimate imo though. I'd say 3-5p
  8. Arilinn

    Arilinn Loyal Freddie

    Not worth that much m8. Dexcap 12 on this RoG item, and its like 7 dexcap on woven hair of malamis but theres also like 15 dex to fill your cap on woven hair of malamis. There isnt any "Fill in" on the helm you have. And takes up an SC spot too, I would say 1-2 p Max.
  9. Ilum

    Ilum Can't get enough of FH

    doesnt rly matter with "fill in" or not...whats matter is total uv + useful overcaps. uv on this item is "decent", and can allow you to use higher uv jewels without the dex cap..
  10. judas

    judas One of Freddy's beloved

    worth atelast 10p id say.
  11. Messiah

    Messiah Fledgling Freddie

    im deffently agreeing with Judas :)
  12. eggy

    eggy Fledgling Freddie

    It's easy to cap Dex on a caster, so I don't think it's worth that much. Then again, to someone needing something similar in their perfect template, it's worth a lot.
  13. Nichii

    Nichii Fledgling Freddie

    why dont u pay 10p for it then? :p

    a rog item like that doesnt honestly fit in any tempalte when u can easy cap dex (and other important stats!!) with better items...

    top's 1-2p as a pve hat tbh... :eek:
  14. Elvo^Rylu

    Elvo^Rylu Fledgling Freddie

    WHat he said
  15. kirennia

    kirennia Part of the furniture

    Because it's him whos selling it ;)
  16. Nichii

    Nichii Fledgling Freddie

    quote'd to wrong person ^^

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