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Discussion in 'Techie Discussion' started by Haggus, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. Haggus

    Haggus Can't get enough of FH

    Sorry to put this in the wrong section buts theres 1 slight chance someone who knows something about the problem that can help...

    How do I reformat my C drive in Windows XP when I can't get into the DOS ?

    I can't do it from desktop because some programs that are in there are run by it, so no go there... anyone help please? :(

    BTW, Virus's are bad!!!! mmmmmmk?
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  2. [TB] Benedictine

    [TB] Benedictine Fledgling Freddie

    Can't you just enter set-up on boot up? F2 etc I think it is. Did this with my bro's pc last weekend
  3. FuzzyLogic

    FuzzyLogic Kicking squealing Gucci little piggy

    Shifted to the Hardware/Software section, left in the redirect from WoW so you don't lose sight of it Haggus :)
  4. Embattle

    Embattle Resident Freddy

    Use your Windows XP CD to boot off then go through a couple of steps and you'll reach one which will allow you to format the drive.
  5. Bone's

    Bone's Fledgling Freddie

    there is no DOS on xp, install windows as per normal, it will then after a bit of this and that, it will tell u that operating 2 window operating systems at the same time can be harmful o ur computer, click yes and anyway and then it will format the old one and reinstall the new one, and there u go, but i surgest u go on to a proper web page which can give u step by step instructions, try google or Jeeves

    hope it helps

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  6. Jonty

    Jonty Fledgling Freddie

    Hi Haggus

    As has been stated, if you're running Windows XP then the easiest thing to do is insert the XP CD into your CD/DVD drive and restart your computer. You should then be prompted to boot from the CD before the Windows logo and startup process occurs (if not we can solve this).

    Booting from the CD will start a setup proceedure which will allow you to format your C:\ drive and then install a fresh copy of Windows over the top, just read and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Note that you should make a backup of any personal files before you format your drive, and run a thorough virus/spyware etc. check before restoring these files into your newly installed version of Windows.

    Kind Regards


    P.S. Thanks for moving it, FuzzyLogic :)
  7. LawBringer

    LawBringer Fledgling Freddie

    You will need to go into your BIOS (holding down Del key whilst PC is Booting up) and alter your boot up settings to make your 1st boot device your CD-Rom then just do as above, and one of the later options is to Reformat your hard drive, it also offers lots of repair options, however repair seems to cause more problems than it fixes. If your not comfortable with BIOS fiddling (not illegal yet :) ) just remember to write down what your changing, so whatever happens you can put everything back as it was.
  8. Jonty

    Jonty Fledgling Freddie

    Hi guys

    I should say Haggus PM'ed me a while back and we've been going back and forth with things. I'll post the messages for reference when, fingers crossed, it's all sorted.

    Kind Regards
  9. Jonty

    Jonty Fledgling Freddie

    Hi guys

    After trying various solutions Haggus managed to fix the problems he had on his own using the Serflog Removal Tool, so congratulations to him for sorting it :D I'll be out of a job at this rate ;)

    Kind Regards

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