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Mar 13, 2004
I'm looking at changing my ISP as it's a bit outdated now, it seems a lot of the newer packages look better on paper then what I'm doing currently.

Currently with BT for Landline comes up to around £100 quarterly
Currently with Eclipse for Broadband £19.39/month for 30gb download

I've seen O2 have a package for O2 customers(I'm on payg but as long as I top up £10/3months it's good) in which you get 6 months free broadband then £12.50/month after that. They also offer the line rental and calls for £7.50/month. So this could save quite a bit of money by the looks of it.

Anyone here have history with O2? How are they as ISP/Phone providers?

Thanks in advance!


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Dec 22, 2003
I'm on O2, it's actually re-badged Be Broadband. It's been perfect and I went on it so long ago at the moment it costs me £5 a month for 20mb.

I don't have the phone service though so couldn't comment on that but I'd imagine it's not going to be any worse than BT.


FH is my second home
Feb 18, 2004
Was with O2 broadband and had my mobile with them. Worked very well. I actually signed up when I got £50 cash back from one of those cashback sites, quidco I believe and I got 3 months free (which was the offer from O2 at the time) so I ended up paying like £15 for my first years broadband.

Not had phone service through them either.

Oh and I only moved away from them when I moved house and they didn't provide service in my new post code.

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