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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Esoteric, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Esoteric

    Esoteric Guest

    Avoid this time completely I only got up early today and what I saw would make any grown Vanu cry.

    I will never play this early again only popped on for a quick blast, vanu died to so few their number not cause tr had elite weapons but because tr had elite skills.

    I could have saved the whole base myself but not ONE vanu cba to repair me even once and its not as if I could do it myself in a max suit. One of the tr who used to be in my outfit said when I logged haha your the only evil beast on this continent we will now take it all. I hope they do.

    I even spoke to one of the vanu:

    Wicoa: Can you get a rek then come and hack cc Im killing the entire spawn its safe in this tower.

    Noob: Sorry Im not a hacker.

    Grr anyone can hack an fing cc :-/

    I give up with vanu I really do, I thought all the noobs left when the lasher nerf came in, not one of the vanu even had a lasher.

    <cries some more>
  2. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    <hands wicoa a comfort cookie>
  3. Esoteric

    Esoteric Guest

    <takes shly runs to a corner with his milk and nibbles>
  4. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    There, there, wicoa.. what you have to do is simple... make sure you stay in outfit squads...

    <hands wicoa a "SovereignGuard4tehwin!!!" cookie>

  5. mid_Efour

    mid_Efour Guest

    lol, dont worry purple freinds NC have their fair share of retarded braindead noobs too
  6. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    <--- retarded NC n00b reporting :p

    Played the trial and am Gonna buy the game in the next couple of weeks. Wasn't bad when I'd finished made br8.

    Watch out all you VS, I'm gonna stick me errrm big gun (whats it called.. Jack Hammer or something?) up ya rings and fire!!!

    LOL ok, maybe not..... I'll just get me coat then :p

  7. Rigon-Noir-

    Rigon-Noir- Guest

    Ok Wicoa, that is pretty funny (and annoying)

    I'm guessing the same people that do that have no idea what the big yellow lines are in the sky, or how to look at map for that matter.

    BTW: its "M" the "G" in case any are looking

    EFOUR!! get out of the Vanu Section, we could be formulating battle plans here you spy.
  8. mid_Efour

    mid_Efour Guest

    oh shit i forgot to press my K key again before typing ! :(

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