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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by [GOA]Erivoss, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. [GOA]Erivoss

    [GOA]Erivoss [GOA] Official type person


    We've found out the problem with the Instanced Dungeon zones and have decided to bring the server down now in order to fix it for the weekend. I've just done a message in game and the server will be down in a couple of minutes.

    There will be an official news posted on the community homepage stating all that but I thought I'd post here first to at least let you know.

    The maintenance will not be long and if all goes well the servers should be back up before midday.
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  2. Dracus

    Dracus Fledgling Freddie

    Ty for da info monkeh! :fluffle:


  3. Naffets

    Naffets Can't get enough of FH

    Good to know its being sorted.

    Fancy fixing xml while you're at it? :p
  4. VampiiricMist

    VampiiricMist Fledgling Freddie

    change the capslock aswell! :D
  5. Gear

    Gear Can't get enough of FH

    Thanks for the info :) QQ a bit as it's a national holiday in Greece and was hopping to get advantage of it, but it's obviously nice to fix something going wrong on a Friday morning so people can play properly over the weekend.

    Good call :cheers:
  6. [GOA]Erivoss

    [GOA]Erivoss [GOA] Official type person

    It's top of the to-do list (along with Clustering) though I can't give you an eta...
  7. [GOA]Erivoss

    [GOA]Erivoss [GOA] Official type person

    Planned for next week (it's quite a big maintenance to fix it - lots of things need changing/renaming).
  8. [GOA]Erivoss

    [GOA]Erivoss [GOA] Official type person

    Oh and the server is restarting now too so should be up in 10-15 minutes.

    (damn edit button doesn't work :()
  9. MesS°

    MesS° Can't get enough of FH

    Information overload!!!
  10. Howley

    Howley Fledgling Freddie

    n1...u seem to be fixing things faster recently...cluster made us a higher priority or sumthing ?? :p
  11. Dracus

    Dracus Fledgling Freddie

    Aye :( Im getting scared at all this info (<3 Erivoss!)

  12. ZukeSB

    ZukeSB Fledgling Freddie

    How about sorting out all the outstanding equipment replacement problems too, but then you'd probably prefer to be at some poxy show in Albania, or something. :twak:

    I'm not bitter, no sir, not me.
  13. MesS°

    MesS° Can't get enough of FH

    Erivoss, ill pay you to fix ZukeSB last...

  14. [GOA]Erivoss

    [GOA]Erivoss [GOA] Official type person

    I'm sorry, I'm not part of the object replacement process - I wouldn't know where to start.

    And no clustering hasn't made you all "top priorities" because that would suggest that you were all "low priorities" before which is not the case ;).
  15. ZukeSB

    ZukeSB Fledgling Freddie

    Even if they did my char first i wouldn't expect it to be sorted before the new year.

    Tell me MesS, you think the situation is acceptable or are you just kissing an empoyee of GOA's ass? I suspect the latter. :twak:
  16. ZukeSB

    ZukeSB Fledgling Freddie

    Lets hope we are actualy on the lsit somewhere between High and Low priority then, somewhere closer to high please.

  17. Kadayn

    Kadayn Banned

    How long does it take for the mobs to load? We was doing GoV untill GoA shut the servers down because they are incapable of fixing bugs befor it gos live. Now Danos is down and I have to wait all day for the fucking encounter? Which I can't because I have a life and things to do :) .
  18. MesS°

    MesS° Can't get enough of FH

    Sorry ZukeSB, I was gonna scream and cry with you. But all the whiner spots on FH are booked solid.

    Noone is forcing you to accept it, take you money somewhere else if you dont like how you are treated.
  19. ZukeSB

    ZukeSB Fledgling Freddie

    You seem to have grabbed your FH slot by whining about whining, how humerous....

    I guess once you have paid for an item your not too bothered wether it's totaly shite when you get it, good on you. :clap:

    Edit: Clarification, i don't think DAoC is shite, just some service aspects.
  20. Ixnay

    Ixnay Can't get enough of FH

    Im with Zuke here, the item restoration has been a long outstanding issue now but other problems seem to take a higher priority to get resolved. Fair enough that this problems affect a higher percentage of players, but then why implement something which could potentially cause more issues and delay the resolution of the already outstanding ones...

    And Mess, from your posts, it appears that you're not one of those involved in the missing items saga, am I correct ?
  21. Airmid

    Airmid Fledgling Freddie

    Would be really nice to think that those that are *still* missing items could get an update - last update on item restoration was nearly 2 weeks ago.
    I guess we should now be grateful though that Prydwen's over-inflated prices have now been tempered by clustering with Excal, although I feel sorry for people that didn't get any monetary compensation (in-game) when prices have been pumped by 50-100% by some people getting hundreds of plats.
  22. Neo

    Neo Loyal Freddie

    hmm btw, how long has the xml`s been down ? Cant even recall the last time
    it worked acually, and i do love statistics. :(
  23. ZukeSB

    ZukeSB Fledgling Freddie

  24. MesS°

    MesS° Can't get enough of FH

    You definition of total shit is obviously very different from mine. But if you have been paying for "total shit" for how long? Who is the stupid one here.
    Iwe just reactivated after a couple of months off.

    Ill paint it out for you again. Take your money somewhere else if you not happy with how your treated.
    Clue: there are other choises when it comes to service aspects to.

    Im pretty sure the rest of Clan Chaos are with Zuke to, and everyone else who is still missing items. Im not one of them obviously.
    From your logic everything should be put on standby untill everyone are happy with what items ect they got. It will never happen sorry, Mythic told GoA to delete Prydwen fgs, take a hint. There is even a poll to backup my point.

    Anyway, all of this dosent have anything todo with this tread. We have pretty much drowned it allready. Make a new tread if you want me to respond again.
  25. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    servers are back so gonna lock this since it's gone waaaay off topic.
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