New Frontiers Report: The Battle of the Ghost Keep Sunday 9th July

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    The Battle of the Ghost Keep

    The battles started at Crim in the ghost keep with Hibernia heavily defending it from Albion. Thereaver who is a new leader to the Albion realm put a good effort in by taking the courtyard and also getting inside the keep. However Hibs were so well prepared in the lords room that they had the advantage of pushing down and slamming all the Albs in their path. This was a fine battle and even though Albion lost it was a well thought battle between the 2 realms.

    Later in the evening we had Xyorman, Rescu and Billings (DKoC Zerg) come out and try and take the ghost keep for themselves, but were unsuccessful due to the sheer numbers defending it. A lot of the time Mids and Albs pushed up to our keep but got denied every time. Midgard of course with there famous assjamming tactics had the Albion zergs scared so it was no surprise Albion didn't hit the ghost keep and preferred to hit the Hib undefended Relics.

    Xyorman was very alert to the surroundings of Crim and hit the Hibernia Zerg twice close to Crim. Midgard took full advantage on Crim (Still Ghost Keep) while the numbers were low while the Hibs were scrabbling from Relic town to Crim. Sadly the Hibs had no time to prepare and perished with the Ghost Keep. Meanwhile the Alb Zerg were going for the power relic and running it back with Lord Rescu to Bold. Little did Rescu know that Hibernia decided to go to Albion to take Surs but since Albion took Nged it was tricky for Hibernia to boost the numbers in order to save the relic.

    At this point Xyorman logged for the Night and Hibernia took back Nged and tried to take back their lands but failed on Dun Crauch where there was a lot of Middies waiting inside to deny the Hibs.

    Hibs called it a night and hope to return their lands in the morning.

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