[INFO] New announcement from GOA on war-europe.com

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Apollyn, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Apollyn

    Apollyn Fledgling Freddie

    So, OB starts on sunday afternoon, awesome!!

    Still dont have my beta key from EA, very annoyin, wish I'd gone after one of the free giveaway ones :S.

    72hrs time, I'm gonna be unleashing vengeance on the Destro scum...

  2. Chey

    Chey Fledgling Freddie

    i just hope my key and their accounts page work seemlessly

    crossess fingers
  3. killfest

    killfest Fledgling Freddie

    Fingers, toes any and every appendage you can muster!! :eek6:
  4. mikasaka

    mikasaka Fledgling Freddie

    Just got to wait for them to get the auth servers back up and running so we can register our keys.

  5. saks

    saks Fledgling Freddie

    SOO GOOD! im away till evening on sunday, due to football match. So the start pressure will be of when i get home :)
  6. Schmidty

    Schmidty Fledgling Freddie

    I'm rather excited, do we know an exact time its going to start?
  7. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Oh noes GOA is keeping to schedule! ;)
  8. Dredge

    Dredge Fledgling Freddie

    I give it approx 10 mins after the servers open before they are killed by the massive influx of people ;)
  9. Kuldiin

    Kuldiin Fledgling Freddie

    Bah afternoon.

    Make it 6am please ;)
  10. Everz

    Everz FH is my second home

    Sounds good to me :drink:
  11. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    awesome news!
  12. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    I've heard some stats on the performance at the new datacentre, and I think it will hold up, to be honest :)
  13. Vell

    Vell Fledgling Freddie

    But it's still too many days away! :(
  14. Apollyn

    Apollyn Fledgling Freddie

    OK, so servers open early afternoon

    I'm saying 1400 on sunday

    66 hours remaining...
    Work tomorrow - 8 hours
    Sleep - 24 hours (its the weekend)
    Drinking (doesnt that speed up the time?) - 20 hours

    So, 14 hours to spend on non essentials
    - eating
    - gf
    - I cant think of any more....

    I'm far too excitable, cant think straight...

  15. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    Aye, I agree. £9million couldn't have gone to waste!
  16. Draylor

    Draylor Part of the furniture

    History says you are a brave man.
  17. Malcolm

    Malcolm Can't get enough of FH


    Indeed, they're not the UK civil service :)
  18. peo

    peo Fledgling Freddie

    And the US open beta apparantly starts today...
  19. Xandax

    Xandax Loyal Freddie

    Where's that info from?
  20. Kuldiin

    Kuldiin Fledgling Freddie

    US have another preview weekend if Im not mistaken, so they will be playing from later today.

    That, in no way though, is a different treatment between US and European players ;)
  21. Xandax

    Xandax Loyal Freddie

    No it is total <insert explicit curse word here as you read> of unequal treatment in light of the so called "promises" of equal treatment - but the preview weekend isn't the "Open Beta". (although I can understand the "imagery")
  22. peo

    peo Fledgling Freddie

    Of course it isn't...
    Semantics works wonders for definitions sometimes... In practice anyone should be able to see it is identical to a open beta head start for the people who were in the earlier preview.
    But doesn't matter... My expectations aren't exactly high about anything from goa.
  23. jonrossi

    jonrossi Fledgling Freddie

    Sunday afternoon!!!!

    well there is a shock, why didnt they just say monday the 8th and be done with it.

    now i was at school a long time ago, but i am sure the 7th of Sept starts at 00:01, not 15:00 the last time i checked.

    ok, so that will be more than half the day gone by the time we get to play OB, i bet the yanks havnt got to wait till the afternoon to play......oh whats that............ they are having another preview weekend....ahhhhhh
  24. Heta

    Heta Fledgling Freddie

    would you like some cheese with that Jonrossi?
  25. Vell

    Vell Fledgling Freddie

    Firstly, the afternoon of 7th Sept is still, as far as I'm aware, the 7th Sept. At no point did GOA ever say that the servers would be up at 00:01 on the 7th.

    Secondly, we are still getting the service that was promised to us. Our open beta will start on the same day as the US open beta. GOA cannot be held responsible for missing the goal when the goalposts move at the last minute.

    It is more important that the work goes into ensuring that everything works as it should when the game goes live, than a couple of days of a preview weekend. Especially since any progress you make over that time is lost in a week anyway.
  26. jonrossi

    jonrossi Fledgling Freddie

    Stilton please - my fav

  27. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy


    Disgruntled Costumer Continues to Pay for Service!

    In other words, If you arent happy with the service GOA have to offer, don't pay them. We aren't making you.
    I am happy with the way they have dealt everything so far (a little problem with the flash site still) but GOA stick around and post information on here, despite people like jonrossi continually d00m'ing, and for that I'm very thankful!
  28. Idris

    Idris Fledgling Freddie

    GOA really hasn't done anything wrong (other than worries over the Flash site and timing of announcements on it).

    If and when they do, we can worry about it
  29. Aada

    Aada Part of the furniture

    Have you guys seen the thread on WAR alliance forums?


    EU account Centre MIA.

    Seriously one huge mother thread with a lot of angry people and it has got so bad that MJB has replied himself and has promised to look into why the EU Account centre is not up yet and why the lack of communication is happening from GOA to the EU customers.
  30. Dredge

    Dredge Fledgling Freddie

    Heh unfortunately after having had experience of EA's 'released on x date' shenanigans, I am sceptical of all companies these days. In EA's case it was released at 11pm on the day in question ;) (Spore creature creator through the EA download manager, also why I will never again purchase anything through EA's digital delivery btw)

    GOA however will have fairly specific contracts with mythic. (With penalty clauses) Beta open on X date. Game ready for paying customers on X date. As long as everything is done according to the specifics of their contract, there isnt anything anyone can do.

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