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Jan 3, 2004
Comrades of Albion

What and Who is Comrades of Albion?

Comrades of Albion is a new alliance in the realm of Albion on the Prydwen server, it currently consists of three guilds, Knights of the Frozen Keep, Shadow Brothers & Imperial Fist.

What are Comrades of Albion's Goals?

To provide an enjoyable, supportive and above all fun environment where our member guilds can EXP, RVR and gather together, benefiting from a larger group of people than a non-allied guild can provide.

How is Comrades of Albion Run?

Comrades of Albion is fully co-op alliance, we do not believe that a single guild should make all the decisions for a whole alliance Therefore we have used a non-recruiting guild to form the alliance, this guild is called Comrades of Albion and contains one member for each guild in the alliance, these members are Alts of the GM's in each of our guilds and will have full GM status, meeting on a regular basis these are the people who will run the alliance.

What does Comrades of Albion Offer to its Members?

Comrades of Albion offers an environment in which its members can receive support and aid from the other members wether it be physical aid or knowledge passed on, we also offer regular events held by each guild on a rota system.

What are Comrades of Albion's Rules?

We do not believe that an alliance should be bogged down by needless restrictions, but we do understand that sometimes important rules should apply .......

1. All GM's (or a designated representative) must attend alliance meetings.
2. Each guild must hold an alliance event as per the rots (dates may be swapped and organizational aid requested)
3. Abusive behavior & language will not be tolerated by us and will be treated very seriously, it's not clever and it's not nice.

Great How Do I Join?

Just contact the people below in game and we will arrange a suitable time to discuss membership ...



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Dec 28, 2003
Whatever he is, we're having a lot of fun, see you in the frontiers! :clap:

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