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Discussion in 'Techie Discussion' started by Jonty, Dec 22, 2003.

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    If you are experiencing a problem or require advice, please bear in mind the following three golden rules whenever posting in these forums. Remember, these pointers are for your benefit as well as everyone else!

    1. If you are experiencing a problem, always post as much relevant detail as possible : Remember to include the makes and models of any relevant components, together with a description of what your problem is and how it occurs. You don't have to be technically minded, just try to describe what happens, and what you have done, if anything, to try and remedy the situation.
    2. If you require purchasing advice, again, always provide specific details : Remember to include what kind of product you are looking for, any specific manufacturers you prefer or dislike, any budget requirements you have, in addition to any other relevant details, such as specific features you are looking for.
    3. Always search the forums prior to posting : Whilst this may seem obvious, there is a strong possibility that the questions you wish to ask have already been answered in a previous thread, so searching the forums may well yield the answers you need without you even having to post!

    Following these three simple rules will help to make these forums a better place for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation!

    Kind Regards
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